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Episode 1 - Ello Gov'nor / It's Time

"Ello Gov'nor" - After watching a scary movie about a British Taxi, the guys have to help Rigby overcome his fears. / "It's Time" - Mordecai and Rigby get in a fight over Margaret, and Mordecai sends them traveling through time by destroying all the clocks.


Episode 2 - Appreciation Day / Peeps

"Appreciation Day" - By trying to change Benson's opinion of them, Mordecai and Rigby accidentally create lots of work for themselves. / "Peeps" - Benson gets surveillance cameras to keep track of Mordecai and Rigby on the job.


Episode 3 - Dizzy / My Mom

"Dizzy" - Mordecai and Rigby try to help Pops overcome his fear of giving speeches. / "My Mom" - Mordecai and Rigby are forced to work under Muscle Man and endure his repetitive jokes.


Episode 4 - High Score / Rage Against the TV

"High Score" - Mordecai and Rigby try to get good at an arcade game at the coffee shop to earn some respect. / "Rage Against the TV" - Mordecai and Rigby need to find a new TV in order to defeat the hardest video game ever.


Episode 5 - Party Pete / Benson Be Gone

"Party Pete" - Mordecai and Rigby look for help when their awesome house party turns lame. / "Benson Be Gone" - Benson gets demoted and has to work with Mordecai and Rigby.


Episode 6 - Brain Eraser / But I Have a Receipt

"Brain Eraser" - Mordecai sees Pops naked and goes on a quest to unsee what he has seen. / "But I Have A Receipt" - When a bad game ruins game night, M & R attempt to return it to a not-so-pleasant store manager.


Episode 7 - This Is My Jam / Muscle Woman

"This Is My Jam" - Rigby gets a terrible, terrible song stuck in his head and will go to any lengths to get it out. / "Muscle Woman" - Mordecai & Rigby attempt to get Muscle Man and his girlfriend back together, until she begins to fall for Mordecai.


Episode 8 - Temp Check / Jinx

"Temp Check" - Rigby hires a temp to do his work but gets jealous when the temp becomes tight with Mordecai. / "Jinx" - Rigby must figure out how to unjinx himself without talking.


Episode 9 - See You There / Do Me a Solid

"See You There" - Mordecai and Rigby find out that everyone has been invited by Muscle Man to High Five Ghost's birthday party except them. They decide to go anyway. / "Do Me A Solid" - Mordecai owes Rigby big-time when he agrees to go on a double-date with him.


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