Slow Horses

Slow Horses Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Failure’s Contagious

River Cartwright is ousted from MI5 and finds himself in a place worse than purgatory: Slough House, dumping ground for failed spies.


Episode 2 - Work Drinks

River and Sid join forces. A misfired gun has dire consequences.


Episode 3 - Bad Tradecraft

Slough House is the unlikely venue for a secret romance, but events take a dark turn when a dangerous encounter becomes deadly.


Episode 4 - Visiting Hours

Taverner sends the Dogs to hunt down Lamb and the Slow Horses. River holds the secret to saving the gang.


Episode 5 - Fiasco

The Slow Horses must disappear to avoid capture by MI5. Lamb and River head to The Park to outwit Taverner.


Episode 6 - Follies

Taverner and the Slow Horses attempt different approaches to locate the kidnappers and Hassan. Ho makes a shocking discovery about Sid.



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