Storyville Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Storyville with Post Malone

Post Malone tells the story of the one time he went on a vision quest with Justin Bieber in Montana.  


Episode 3 - Storyville with DJ Nu Mark

DJ Nu Mark shares how Jurassic 5 got back together for one final show at Coachella and Paul McCartney was there to see it all.


Episode 4 - Storyville with Common

Common gets the chance of a lifetime to perform with Prince, but is surprised by the choice of song.  


Episode 5 - Storyville with Jensen Karp

Jensen Karp shares how he got his stage name “Hot Karl” and his first million dollar deal.


Episode 6 - Storyville with Diplo

Diplo records with Kanye at the Mercer Hotel and things got a little weird.



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