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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - ...And the Secret of Danger Point

As summer kicks off, Sam and Jade's bond is tested, but a budding mystery brings them together for a twisting-and-turning mission.


Episode 2 - ...And the Untold Story of the Obsidian Flyer

The Surfside girls learn what’s at stake if Danger Point collapses. In response, Sam goes hunting for ghosts and Jade conducts field research.


Episode 3 - ...And the Lady of Surfside

Sam, Jade, and Remi receive a new tip, but Sam struggles to balance the investigation and family time. Jade learns about the Lady of Surfside.


Episode 4 - ...And the Promise of Peligro

Grappling with guilt, Sam vows to make things right with her mom. Jade and Remi continue the search and uncover more about the secret cavern.


Episode 5 - ...And the Weathered Storm

Sam and Jade search for missing evidence and realize Remi and Captain Devar may be able to help if they can recall forgotten memories.


Episode 6 - ...And the Day of the Flying Saucer

The girls pivot from the supernatural to the scientific and make a surprising discovery, with help from Jade’s camp friends.


Episode 7 - ...And Jade’s Journey

A major break in the case leads to a friendship fallout. In the aftermath, Jade faces a swirl of emotions and gets heartfelt advice.


Episode 8 - ...And Sam’s Story

Sam makes a plan to prove she wasn’t lying. Remi urges Jade to make amends. Petey strikes a deal with Old Man Olsen.


Episode 9 - ...And the Cursed Treasure

As Surfside preps for the summer festival, Sam, Jade, and Remi work to track down a secret lair—and discover more than they could have imagined.


Episode 10 - ...And the Showdown at Danger Point

Season finale. The summer festival arrives and the trusty trio orchestrates a last-minute change of plans to save Danger Point. But will it be enough?



Season 1

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