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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Killing Oath

Amy becomes a nurse so that she can save lives. But when patients in her care start to die in mysterious circumstances she is the only one who can figure out what or who is killing them. Then Amy comes to terrifying conclusion that she might be next.


Episode 2 - Edge of Insanity

Toni Ingram's 19 year old daughter, Morgan is creative and funny. Threatening behavior quickly escalates into stalking.Toni and her husband are thrown into a desperate race to unmask their daughter's nemesis before everything they hold dear is destroyed.


Episode 3 - Cosy Cove Killings

In 2007 Monique Murdoch's lakeside idyll is shattered when an intruder steals her daughter's underwear. However this is just a start, young women go missing and fear stalks the Canadian countryside.


Episode 4 - Death Next Door

In 2010 when divorcee Anita moves into her new home, she has no idea that her new neighbors, their threatening behavior, and a series of unexplainable break-ins are part of a conspiracy so terrifying she and her boyfriend Ray may never get out alive.


Episode 5 - Designing Murder

In 1984 a beautiful and intelligent college student is found raped and murdered in her own Dallas condo. The tragic event inspires her best friend to risk her own life in pursuit of the killer and justice. It's a heart-wrenching real life who dunnit.


Episode 6 - Slaughter on the Schuykill

In 2002 a pro soccer star and good samaritan becomes mixed up in a bizarre and all consuming murder investigation of a homeless woman. It's a journey that pushes him to the brink of insanity and leads him to risk his own life in pursuit of the truth.



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