Tarantula Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Seesaw

When Echo's dog Seesaw is unjustly seized by a bureaucratic government agency, it's up to Echo and his friends to get the critter back.


Episode 2 - Mushroom Valley

When a highfalutin scientist impugns Echo's claims of fantastic fungi, Echo and Booty set off on a journey to retrieve a specimen, and quiet the know-it-all for good.


Episode 3 - Toast of the Town

When Lucas discovers he's been ripped off by a hot shot producer, he and Echo attempt to breach the gates of Hollywood to right the wrong.


Episode 4 - One Weird Mama

When Bess embarrasses Penny at her school, the youngster summons a figure from their past, testing the relationship between mother and daughter.


Episode 5 - Macaroni Salad

When romantic foibles leads a friend to the edge of oblivion, Echo must retrieve the melodramatic fool from the brink.


Episode 6 - The Shade

When Echo's egg-frying antics inadvertantly derail a man's life, he must venture to the fabled "Weird River" in order to retrieve him.


Episode 7 - Pajattery

When Echo discovers Paja's secret, his decision to share the knowledge with the rest of the Tarantula residents has affects he could never possibly imagine.


Episode 8 - Frog Flog

When Echo and Booty build their own hot springs it leads each of them to opposing philosophies, and creates a great rift between friends.


Episode 9 - Shabzinzo

When Echo is wronged by a wealthy fool, he is sent a very fancy gift that instantly proves itself a burden, and sends him on a journey to rid himself of it.


Episode 10 - Pig Head

Echo reckons with his past.



Season 1

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