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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Shrimps and Prime Rib

The Titans try to remember how to be superheroes in order to stop The Brain.


Episode 2 - Halloween v Christmas

When Santa tries to take over Halloween, it's up to the Titans and a few ghouls to stop him.


Episode 3 - Booby Trap House

After being left alone at home, Cyborg and Starfire booby trap the tower for safety.


Episode 4 - Fish Water

Starfire wins a goldfish at the carnival and vows to keep it alive.


Episode 5 - TV Knight

Batman and Commissioner Gordon check in on various happenings around Jump City.


Episode 6 - Teen Titans Save Christmas

When Santa calls it quits, the Titans must pitch in to save the holiday.


Episode 7 - BBSFBDAY!

Beast Boy agrees to share his birthday with Starfire after learning that she’s never had one on Earth.


Episode 8 - The Streak, Pt. 1

It’s Crime Season, and Robin is determined to continue his winning streak of stopping 52 crimes every year.


Episode 9 - The Streak, Pt. 2

Robin’s streak of stopping 52 crimes every year is in jeopardy when members of his team are poached by Kid Flash.


Episode 10 - The Inner Beauty of a Cactus

The Titans play “Spin the Bottle” as Starfire tries to improve her vocabulary through kissing.


Episode 11 - Movie Night

It’s Movie Night, and the Titans have a hard time deciding who gets to choose which movie they watch.


Episode 12 - BBRAE, Pt. 1

Beast Boy writes a song to tell Raven how he feels about her.


Episode 13 - BBRAE, Pt. 2

Beast Boy goes on tour with his song, but this upsets Raven.


Episode 14 - Permanent Record

It’s back to school as the Titans teach each other about science and grammar.


Episode 15 - Titan Saving Time

The Titans are determined to find out what happened to the missing two o’clock hour during Daylight Saving Time.


Episode 16 - The Gold Standard

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and, after wishing to become a leprechaun, Beast Boy becomes obsessed with gold.


Episode 17 - Master Detective

Robin uses his skills as a master detective to discover what happened to the animals that live outside Titans Tower.


Episode 18 - Easter Creeps

It’s Easter, and the Tooth Fairy is trying to take over the holiday.


Episode 19 - Hand Zombie

After Starfire kisses his hand, Robin vows to never wash it again.


Episode 20 - Employee of the Month Redux

While the other Titans are trying to stop a cow-stealing UFO, Beast Boy gets a job to buy a moped.


Episode 21 - Avogodo

It’s Cinco de Mayo, and Robin learns that avocados are a super food that gives you super powers.


Episode 22 - Orangins

The Titans tell their slightly inaccurate origin stories.


Episode 23 - Jinxed

Robin ignores the rules for a game of jinx and ends up losing his voice.


Episode 24 - Brain Percentages

Beast Boy starts using more than 10% of his brain in an effort to find the hidden images in a puzzle.


Episode 25 - BL4Z3

The Titans become hackers to stop a gang of computer pirates.


Episode 26 - Hot Salad Water

When drinking tea turns the other Titans English, it’s up to Robin to save America from another British invasion.


Episode 27 - The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though It Was the Day: Chapter One: I Saw You Dance

Cyborg becomes trapped in the alternate reality of Night Begins to Shine with a Dragon who wants to steal the song for his own evil purposes.


Episode 28 - The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though It Was the Day: Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes

Without Cyborg, Beast Boy feels lost and sets out to find himself, but ends up meeting a music legend.


Episode 29 - The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though It Was the Day: Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get

The Titans return to the alternate reality to save Cyborg, but will they be able to defeat the Dragon?


Episode 30 - The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though It Was the Day: Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine

In a final epic battle, the Titans and their musician friends square off against the Dragon for control of The Night Begins to Shine.


Episode 31 - Lication

Robin introduces the other Titans to a moneymaking application, but they soon learn the dangers of a "shareconomy."


Episode 32 - Labor Day

It’s Labor Day, and Robin teaches the other Titans about the importance of labor in a special episode.


Episode 33 - Classic Titans

To prove his point about classic Super Hero cartoons, Control Freak send the Titans to a former version of Teen Titans Go!


Episode 34 - Ones and Zeroes

The Titans build an AI robot that can create a pizza that’s never been made before.


Episode 35 - Career Day

Robin forces the other Titans to forget about their dreams and find regular, boring jobs.


Episode 36 - TV Knight 2

Batman and Commissioner Gordon have a slumber party and watch their favorite TV shows.


Episode 37 - Justice League’s Next Top Talent Idol Star, Pt. 1

The Justice League holds a talent competition to find a Super Hero worthy of joining the team.


Episode 38 - Justice League’s Next Top Talent Idol Star, Pt. 2

In Part Two, Robin tries everything to win as the competition heats up.


Episode 39 - The Academy

Robin creates the Teen Titans Awards in an effort to get his teammates to clean up the Tower.


Episode 40 - Costume Contest

Sick of losing the costume contest to the Hive Five every year, the Titans hatch a scheme to win.


Episode 41 - Throne of Bones

When the other Titans start listening to heavy metal music, Robin warns them of the dangers.


Episode 42 - Demon Prom

Trigon makes Raven attend her prom, and she brings along the other Titans to upset him.


Episode 43 - Thanksgetting

It’s Thanksgiving, but the Titans are sick of the normal traditions, so they create their own.


Episode 44 - The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular, Pt. 1

This week an all new episode of Teen Titans Go!


Episode 45 - The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular, Pt. 2

This week an all new episode of Teen Titans Go!


Episode 46 - Bbcyfshipbday

Beast Boy and Cyborg celebrate the birthday of their friendship.


Episode 47 - Beast Girl

This week an all new episode of Teen Titans Go!.


Episode 48 - Flashback, Pt. 1

A flashback reveals how Robin formed the Teen Titans.


Episode 49 - Flashback, Pt. 2

In the second part of the Flashback episode, it’s revealed how Robin changed from mild-mannered sidekick to quick-tempered leader.


Episode 50 - Bro-Pocalypse

When the male Titans are injured, Raven and Starfire must become bros to stop the “Bropocalypse.”


Episode 51 - Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

When the Titans make Robin give them a tour of Wayne Manor, they discover how fun it is to be rich.


Episode 52 - TV Knight 3

Batman is more interested in watching TV than participating in his birthday party.


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