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The Ark Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Everyone Wanted to Be on This Ship

Ark One, a spaceship on a journey to find a new hospitable planet for humanity, suffers an unexpected disaster that causes massive loss of life. Short on supplies and its leaders dead, the remaining crew must band together if they want any chance of survival or a successful mission.


Episode 2 - Like It Touched the Sun

The crew struggles to establish a sense of order on the ship. Two investigations uncover more questions than answers.


Episode 3 - Get Out and Push

The Ark’s engines are down and it’s running low on drinking water, so when the crew learns an oncoming asteroid is hours away from impact, it seems that all hope is lost.


Episode 4 - We Weren’t Supposed to Be Awake

When the crew suddenly begin hallucinating, their psyches are put to the test by memories of the past while they simultaneously race to figure out what’s causing their mysterious symptoms.


Episode 5 - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

As a radiation leak sparks crisis, there’s a break in the murder investigation. Someone will have to sacrifice themselves for any hope of survival.


Episode 6 - Two by Two

After identifying a planet rich in much-needed fuel, the crew devises a plan to whip around a nearby star to reach it, but things don’t go according to plan.


Episode 7 - A Slow Death Is Worse

The crew discovers they’re not alone in space and find out more about where they came from, and what they might be heading towards.


Episode 8 - Every Single Person Matters

A new polarizing figure enters the equation as the crew suffers technical difficulties after installing a device that will help them travel faster than light speed.


Episode 9 - The Painful Way

After an unpopular decision, discord gives way to deadly mutiny where loyalties are tested.


Episode 10 - Hoping for Forever

After some crew members are taken hostage, the situation seems hopeless until Ark One’s lieutenants discover they might have leverage.


Episode 11 - The Last Thing You Ever Do

The crew attempt a dangerous rescue mission, but to defeat their enemy they’ll need to better understand them.


Episode 12 - Everybody Wins

In the thrilling Season 1 finale, Ark One tries to broker peace with their adversary but don’t realize it could cost them everything.



Season 1

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