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Episode 1 - Win Some, Lose Some

As the season begins, it's the summer of 1985 and 17-year-old Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) can call Manhattan home. She also meets a new friend: Samantha Jones (Lindsey Gort).


Episode 2 - Express Yourself

Carrie and Walt are faced with kicking out their new room mate when she makes herself too comfortable. Walt summons the courage to tell Bennet (recurring guest star Jake Robinson) how he feels about him at his 18th birthday bash — at a VIP concert for the radio station Z100 featuring indie rock band American Authors — but things go horribly awry before Bennet can respond. Samantha and Mouse meet, and Samantha wastes no time giving Mouse sex tips. Back in Castlebury, Sebastian and Maggie run into each other; and the evening doesn't go exactly as planned when Tom invites his girlfriend, Deb (recurring guest star Nadia Dajani – The Big C, Ned and Stacey), to spend the weekend with him.


Episode 3 - Strings Attached

Larissa returns from her summer in Kyoto and insists on taking Carrie and Walt to a fabulous Japanese festival in the city, where Larissa meets Samantha, with an explosive result. Samantha seduces an acrobatic ninja. Back in Castlebury, Carrie's plans to remain zen backfire when she finds herself locked in a classroom alone with Sebastian. Mouse helps Maggie with her college applications, but Maggie is distracted when somebody from her past reappears. Meanwhile, Walt worries that his classmates will sense he is gay, and Harlan (guest star Scott Cohen) makes an offer Tom can't refuse. Recurring guest stars include Josh Salatin as Simon and Kate Nowlin as Barbara. Molly Sims (Las Vegas) also guest stars.


Episode 4 - Borderline

Carrie pitches Larissa a profile on New York wunderkind playwright Adam Weaver (recurring guest star Chris Wood – Girls), but when he proves a difficult yet fascinating interview, Carrie's job is on the line. Bennet's (recurring guest star Jake Robinson) rules in his relationship with Walt force Walt to acknowledge his real feelings. Carrie and Dorrit are surprised to find a common enemy in Tom's girlfriend Deb's (recurring guest star Nadia Dajani) son Dylan (recurring guest star Dylan Clark Marshall – 30 Rock). Meanwhile, Sebastian seeks comfort in the arms of someone new. Recurring guest stars Molly Sims, Evan Crooks and Kate Nowlin also appear.


Episode 5 - Too Close for Comfort

Carrie spends an exciting day in the city with playwright Adam Weaver (recurring guest star CHRIS WOOD). Samantha, who booked a new job as a nude art model, takes matters into her own hands when she sees a student's painting she doesn't like. Sebastian finds support in surprising places when his mother (recurring guest star NOELLE BECK – Person of Interest, As the World Turns) announces she is marrying her tennis instructor boyfriend. Elsewhere, the attempts of Dorrit's boyfriend (recurring guest star EVAN CROOKS) to get closer to her backfire.


Episode 6 - The Safety Dance

When Carrie struggles with writer’s block, Weaver (Chris Wood) tries to help. Maggie and Sebastian grow closer. Larissa and Samantha finally find common ground: sex.


Episode 7 - I Heard a Rumor

Carrie is shocked when she reads a nasty rumor about her in a New York City gossip rag, but Samantha has a plan to set the record straight. Walt steps in when Bennet (recurring guest star Jake Robinson) feels taken advantage of at Interview. Mouse, worried that she and boyfriend West (recurring guest star RJ Brown) are stuck in a rut, does something very risqué. Meanwhile, when Maggie experiences a medical emergency, Sebastian is forced to reach out to the one person who can help. Plus, Samantha and Carrie attend the exclusive "Paris Party." Recurring guest star Chris Wood appears as Weaver.


Episode 8 - The Second Time Around

Carrie is delighted when she gets the chance to interview the CEO of Bongo Jeans, but the pressure is on when Larissa tells Carrie that this is her last chance to land a piece in Interview magazine. Mouse gets some news that drives an unexpected wedge between her and West (recurring guest star RJ Brown), and Sebastian's father (recurring guest star Terry Serpico – Army Wives, Rescue Me) delivers other news that could forever change Sebastian and Carrie's relationship. Elsewhere, Walt finds a surprising father figure in Tom, and Maggie tries to muster the courage to tell her dad the truth about the last few months.


Episode 9 - Under Pressure

Larissa gives Carrie some harsh advice about her relationship with Sebastian. When Harlan (recurring guest star Scott Cohen) asks Tom to work overnight on a top-secret case, Dorrit decides to throw an impromptu get-together, which quickly spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Mouse and Donna get surprisingly close and Sebastian makes a hasty decision after another fight with his parents.


Episode 10 - Date Expectations

Walt and Bennet (recurring guest star Jake Robinson) get some devastating news that forever changes their future. Sebastian gets an exciting work opportunity, causing him to bail on Carrie on Valentine's Day, much to her chagrin. When Maggie accidentally enlists in the army, a surprising duo comes to her rescue. Elsewhere, Tom uses some reverse psychology to encourage Dorrit to start dating again.


Episode 11 - Hungry Like the Wolf

When Bennet (recurring guest star Jake Robinson) starts slacking at work, Carrie tries to cover for him. However, when Larissa finds out, things backfire big time for both of them. Samantha makes an uncharacteristic decision about her latest fling. Sebastian's father (recurring guest star Terry Serpico) asks him for a favor that could change Sebastian's future forever. Meanwhile, Tom is hoodwinked by another lawyer - a beautiful lawyer - when negotiating a deal, and is advised by the person he least expects.


Episode 12 - This is the Time

Carrie, Mouse, Maggie and Walt decide to go together to their senior prom at The Waldorf Astoria as a final hurrah. Larissa offers Carrie an opportunity that makes her rethink her plans for the next year. Mouse learns a secret about Donna LaDonna that could threaten her reign as queen bee. Meanwhile, Sebastian hides a big decision from Carrie.


Episode 13 - Run to You

In the season finale, things grow increasingly tense between Carrie and Tom. When Larissa drops an unexpected bomb on Carrie, Sebastian decides he, too, needs to come clean about something. Maggie turns to Walt when she thinks Pete (recurring guest star Claybourne Elder) is cheating on her, but gets the surprise of her life. Mouse and West (recurring guest star RJ Brown) find themselves in a sticky situation. Elsewhere, Samantha considers leaving the city, and Larissa's wedding to Harlan (recurring guest star Scott Cohen) is out of this world.



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