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Episode 1 - Blossom3

After being blasted by Duplikate, Blossom turns into a triple threat.


Episode 1 - Escape from Monster Island / Princess Buttercup

Escape from Monster Island: After Bubbles wins two tickets to see the girls' favorite band Sensitive Thugz, Blossom and Buttercup vie for her plus one. But when the Mayor's plane crashes on Monster Island, the girls must put aside their differences to save the day! / Princess Buttercup: When Buttercup starts spending a lot of time with her new friends, a group of bad-girl skaters called The Derbytantes, it seems The Powerpuff Girls are down to two, which delights Princess Morbucks, who wants to fill the empty slot.


Episode 1 - Odd Bubbles Out / Presidential Punchout

Odd Bubbles Out: When Donny the Unicorn visits, Bubbles becomes jealous of his new friend. / Presidential Punchout: When Morbucks enters the Student Body President race, Blossom sinks to her level to secure the win.


Episode 1 - Green Wing / 15 Minutes of Fame

Green Wing: When volunteering at a retirement home, Buttercup meets an old woman who claims she used to be a superhero. / 15 Minutes of Fame: When Bubbles' video goes viral, she goes to great lengths to maintain her status as a big-time director.


Episode 1 - Find Your Bliss

When Bubbles blames a string of accidents on her imaginary friend "Bliss," her sisters begin to think she's lost her mind.


Episode 2 - Bliss Reminisce

The Girls learn Bliss' backstory from the Professor, Mojo Jojo, and Bliss herself.


Episode 2 - Cheep Thrills / Fashion Forward

Cheep Thrills: After finding a baby monster in the park, Bubbles insists on adopting it without considering the consequences! / Fashion Forward: When the Fashionistas launch a new line of brainwashing clothing, it's up to the Powerpuff Girls to stop the fashion trend before it's too late.


Episode 2 - Splitsville / Clawdad

Splitsville: The girls learn to appreciate each others's style after having to each fight solo. / Clawdad: While visiting the lake, Buttercup vows to capture a legendary uncatchable crawdad.


Episode 2 - The Stayover / Painbow

The Stayover: After going overboard on the candy, Blossom and Buttercup wake up with no memory of last night and no idea where Bubbles is! They must piece together the events of last night and find Bubbles before the Professor gets back! / Painbow: When a mysterious rainbow causes everyone to become unnaturally happy, the Powerpuff Girls must find where it ends to save the day and return Townsville to normal.


Episode 3 - Super Sweet 6 / A Star Is Blossom

Super Sweet 6: Morbucks throws the biggest birthday party of all time, and Blossom: is the only one not invited. / A Star Is Blossom When Bubbles gets the lead in the school play, Blossom's jealousy consumes her.


Episode 3 - Trouble Clef

When Morbucks realizes that The Powerpuff Girls see her as a villain and not a friend, she sets out to turn the town against them.


Episode 3 - In the Garden of Good and Eddie / Road Trippin'

In The Garden of Good and Eddie: When the girls try a quick-fix on their neglected veggie garden, they are left with a giant, mooching tomato worm they must care for. / Road Trippin': Realizing her and the Professor don't have much in common, Bubbles schedules a road trip with just the two of them.


Episode 3 - Blisster Sister

The Girls hang out with their new big sister Bliss, who gets a taste of fighting bad guys as part of the Powerpuff Girls.


Episode 4 - Breaking Bliss

When Bliss struggles to control her powers an evil force arises to take advantage.


Episode 4 - Bye, Bye Bellum / Little Octi-lost

Bye, Bye Bellum: The Mayor becomes dependent on the Powerpuff Girls after his assistant Ms. Bellum departs, leaving the girls so busy they accidentally hire the dangerous Bianca Bikini as his new assistant! When Bianca captures the Powerpuff Girls, the Mayor finds the tables turned and must rely on himself to help them. / Little Octi-lost: Buttercup steals Octi to teach Bubbles a lesson but ends up wanting to keep him for herself.


Episode 4 - The Big Sleep / The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff

The Big Sleep: When the Professor's latest invention wreaks havoc in the house, it's up to the Powerpuff Girls to stop it before it escapes. / The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff: When Blossom can't join her favorite school club, she imagines what her life would be like if she joined other clubs.


Episode 4 - Mini Golf Madness / Summer Bummer

Mini Golf Madness: Buttercup takes her game winning mini golf ball, in spite of ominous warnings of dire consequences. / Summer Bummer: When the beach is taken over by the most excellent Bro Sharks, will the Girls be gnarly enough to save the day?


Episode 4 - Save the Date

Ms. Keane is nervous about a first date.


Episode 5 - Can't Buy Love

When Morbucks falls in love, she finds the first thing money can't buy.


Episode 5 - Strong-Armed / Power-Up Puff

Strong-Armed: When Bubbles breaks her arm and gets a powerful robotic cast, she must learn to stop being timid and embrace her smashy side to defeat the sleazy, sinister Pack Rat! / Power-Up Puff: During a fight, both Buttercup and Bubbles are surprised to discover they've leveled up, leaving Blossom to wonder when or if she'll get new powers too.


Episode 5 - Blisstersweet Symphony

When Him absorbs Bliss and her powers, the Girls must work together to rescue their sister and save Townsville from destruction.


Episode 5 - Halt and Catch Silico / Secret Swapper of Doom

Halt and Catch Silico: When a series of negative articles about the Powerpuff Girls are posted on the Internet, the girls track them back to Silico. / Secret Swapper of Doom: When the girls get a Paper Fortune Teller that can predict the future if they tell it a secret, they begin to rely on it to predict everything. But when it predicts the Powerpuff Girls will be destroyed, the girls must find a way to stop the future from happening.


Episode 5 - The Tell Tale Schedulebot / Musclecup

The Tell Tale Schedulebot: After Blossom and Buttercup break Schedulebot, they'll do anything to keep the truth from coming out. / Musclecup: Feeling inadequate as a superhero, Buttercup bulks the max.


Episode 6 - Tiara Trouble / The Wrinkgruff Gals

Tiara Trouble: Bubbles' excitement over being a contestant in The Townsville Beauty, Talent and All-Around Flair pageant is ruined when Blossom and Buttercup become overbearing stage-sisters. But when a mysterious tiara causes trouble for the contestants, they realize there are bigger problems at hand. / The Wrinkgruff Gals: Sick of being the tiniest kids at their new school, the girls convince Professor Utonium to create a potion to make them older! Unfortunately, when they take too much, they become senior citizens and a prime target for Mojo Jojo!


Episode 6 - Largo

When a mysterious rain cloud plagues Townsville, Bubbles learns things aren't what they seem.


Episode 6 - Take Your Kids to Dooms Day / The Bubbles-Sitters Club

Take Your Kids to Dooms Day: The Girls spend the day with the Professor at his boring office, only to find that the office comes with a terrible secret. / The Bubbles-Sitters Club: Bubbles tries to prove that she's responsible enough to own a dog.


Episode 6 - Rainy Day / The Squashening

Rainy Day: The girls get into trouble when left to entertain themselves on a rainy day. / The Squashening: To escape a monster, the girls have to tell him a scary story.


Episode 7 - Buttercup vs. Math / Home, Sweet Homesick

Buttercup vs. Math: When Buttercup tests into Honors Math, she tries to avoid being labeled a nerd. / Home, Sweet Homesick: When the Girls go to Camp, Blossom has a hard time leaving her schoolwork at home.


Episode 7 - Electric Buttercup / Professor Proofed

Electric Buttercup: Buttercup gets more than she bargained for when she makes a deal with a cool '80s metalhead to get a sweet new guitar. / Professor Proofed: After the Professor's latest experiment goes awry, the girls become overprotective.


Episode 7 - Arachno Romance / Puffdora's Box

Arachno Romance: After the girls feel slighted by the Professor when he gets a new girlfriend, the girls conspire to break them up. / Puffdora's Box: When Blossom gets overzealous with the spring cleaning, she accidentally unleashes a group of evil spirits.


Episode 8 - Ragnarock and Roll

When an ancient prophecy spells doom for Townsville, the girls must race to stop it.


Episode 8 - Blue Ribbon Blues / Frenemy

Blue Ribbon Blues: When a famous scientist comes to the school, Blossom will stop at nothing to impress him at the Science Fair even if that means putting Townsville in danger! / Frenemy: When the coolest girl in school befriends the girls, she charms them into becoming her accomplices in a series of adventurous crimes.


Episode 8 - Memory Lane of Pain / Spider Sense

Memory Lane of Pain: While going through the Professor's scrapbook, Bubbles starts to question if she's ever been a hero. / Spider Sense: When a monster ruins their relaxing vacation, the Girls run into a familiar face.


Episode 9 - Total Eclipse of the Kart

The Powerpuff Girls compete in a race against some of their most vicious villains, to win whatever is in the Mayor's "Mysterious Box Of Mystery."


Episode 9 - Viral Spiral / Bubbles of the Opera

Viral Spiral: When the Amoeba Boys wreak havoc on the internet, Bubbles has to hack her sisters in to stop them. / Bubbles of the Opera: When Bubbles gets a bad school photo, it sends her into an existential tailspin of darkness.


Episode 9 - Somewhere Over the Swingset / People Pleaser

Somewhere Over the Swingset: When the girls disobey the Professor and swing all the way over the swingset, they must deal with unexpected consequences. / People Pleaser: Blossom neglects her promise to Bubbles when she takes on too many things leaving Buttercup and Bubbles to fend for themselves.


Episode 9 - Imagine That / Phantasm Chasm

Imagine That: The Girls have to battle Him after he causes Bubbles' imagination to run wild. / Phantasm Chasm: After getting sucked into Jared's favorite board game, Buttercup is forced to team-up with him in order to save her sisters.


Episode 10 - Once Upon a Townsville / Man Up 2: Still Man-ing

Once Upon a Townsville: When a dainty princess on a mission comes to Townsville, the girls must learn the superhero way isn't always the right way. / Man Up 2: Still Man-ing: When someone steals all the water in Townsville, it's up to the girls to race through the Townsville Wastelands to get it back.


Episode 10 - The Last Donnycorn

When Donny the Unicorn is hunted by a seemingly unstoppable foe, the Powerpuff Girls have to find a way to save him before it's too late!


Episode 10 - Tooth Or Consequences / Monkey Love

Tooth or Consequences: Blossom's fear of the dentist's drill causes her to avoid it at all costs. / Monkey Love: When Blossom makes a bad call, she becomes afraid to try again.


Episode 11 - Quarantine

After a chemical spill, the girls and Mojo find themselves trapped together.


Episode 11 - Sister Sitter

When Blossom and Bubbles get sick, Buttercup volunteers to take care of them for the day.


Episode 12 - Who's Got the Power? - Music Video

Who's got the power? The Powerpuff Girls! Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are rockin' hardcore with a mighty roar in this super-powered musical shout out to Townsville's toughest trio. POWER IT UP!


Episode 12 - In the Doghouse

Buttercup must go it alone to save her family from a kidnapping.


Episode 13 - Salamander

When the professor is kidnapped, the girls must go to a mysterious island to save him.


Episode 14 - Small World

The Powerpuff Girls are sent to the arctic on a dangerous mission to find the key to saving the day.


Episode 15 - Witch's Crew

On Halloween Night, Morbucks summons a monster that she didn't expect.


Episode 16 - The Gift

The girls must replace the Professor's Christmas present on Christmas Eve.


Episode 101 - Run Blossom Run

Blossom oversleeps, and she'll stop at nothing to make it to school before she ruins her perfect attendance record!


Episode 102 - How to Draw Blossom

Put on your artist hat! Cartoon Network Studio's Cheyenne Curtis is going to show you how to draw Blossom!



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