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The Powerpuff Girls Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Reeking Havoc/Live & Let Dynamo

The Professor's submission for the Annual Townsville Chili Cookoff is X-tra special. This ingredient doesn't settle well with Townsville's tummies. Then, Dynamo is terrorizing Townsville, but who's working the controls?


Episode 2 - Mo' Linguish/Oops, I Did It Again

Mojo is sentenced to do community service and begins teaching English at the Learning Annex. Then, when the Professor realizes his successful experiments are just accidents, he sets out to do something brilliant on purpose!


Episode 3 - A Made Up Story

Someone is defacing all the posters and statues of Townsville with make-up. Can the girls stop this makeover takeover or will they get the blush off?


Episode 4 - Little Miss Interprets/Night Mayor

When the girls hear the Professor trying to make something out of sugar, spice and everything nice, they are sure he's trying to create new girls. Then, the Mayor keeps having the same dream but he never sees the end.


Episode 5 - Custody Battle/City of Nutsville

Mojo discovers the Rowdyruff Boys are back and is determined to show them that he is a more evil dad than Him. Then, the squirrels of Townsville are chirping mad!


Episode 6 - Aspirations

The Gangreen Gang is actually committing brilliant crimes. But behind every great gang, there has to be a great woman.


Episode 7 - That's Not My Baby/Simian Says

The girls save a baby from a monster but can't find the mother. Can these superheroes manage to take care of a baby? Then, when the Narrator is bound and gagged, Mojo Jojo takes over his job, ordering the girls to steal for him.


Episode 8 - Sun Scream/City of Frownsville

The girls get the ultimate sunburn and must try to fight crime despite their UV damage. Then, when the tearful Lou Gubrious sets a crying ray on Townsville, the girls must find a way to stop the tears before the town is flooded.


Episode 9 - West in Pieces

It's the old west and Mojo the Kid has robbed the first bank ever and forced the sheriff out of town and it is up to the Steamypuff Girls to save the day at a high-noon showdown.


Episode 10 - Crazy Mixed Up Puffs/Mizzen in Action

The girls must literally work as one to try and stop Mojo from destroying Townsville. Then, Crack McGraigen and his crew are tossed forward in time and discover the chemical X that marks the spot.


Episode 11 - Roughing It Up/What's the Big Idea?

The girls and the Professor set out on a vacation to the Townsville Swamp. Trouble is, Fuzzy and his nephews are there, too. Then, 20 story high Powerpuff Girls spell disaster for Townsville when they try to stop Mojo from taking over.


Episode 12 - Nuthin' Special/Neighbor Hood

Frustrated with not knowing what her special power is, Buttercup hunts to discover what makes her special. Then, when everyone on Bubbles' favorite show loses their happiness, Bubbles helps bring it back.


Episode 13 - I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future/Octi-Gone

The girls have the rare task of fighting a medium who is committing petty thefts. Then, when Bubbles finds a single leg of Octi's, she sets out to find out who took her toy and what they want from her.


Episode 14 - The Powerpuff Girls: 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas

When Princess Morbucks tries to ruin Christmas for the children of the world, the Powerpuff Girls must save the day.


Episode 15 - Powerpuff Girls Rule!

The Powerpuff Girls battle it out with all of their arch enemies in Townsville for a key to the world. Whomever holds this key possesses power over the rest of the universe!


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