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The Watchful Eye Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Hen in the Fox House

A young woman is thrust into the world of old money and deadly secrets after accepting a nanny job from a handsome widower.


Episode 2 - Hide and Seek

While bonding with the other nannies, Elena learns that the Wards' previous nanny vanished without warning. Elena continues her search of The Greybourne and discovers a shocking truth.


Episode 3 - The Nanny Who Knew Too Much

Elena snoops around Tory's apartment while helping Darcy and Bennet, which leads to an unexpected discovery in the secret room. Elena is rattled by a surprise call from her past.


Episode 4 - The Nanny Vanishes

Elena becomes paranoid that she's constantly being watched. Ginny and Elena bond while cleaning out Allie's closet. Elena confronts her past.


Episode 5 - Stairway to Eleven

On Allie's birthday, Tory, Matthew, and Jasper try to find the best way to confront their grief and honor her memory. Elena discovers someone she trusts is lying to her.


Episode 6 - Save New York

Elena sneaks into a masquerade ball hosted by the Greybournes. Roman searches Mrs. Ivey's apartment. Ginny confronts Elena about her identity.


Episode 7 - Out Like a Light

A blackout at The Greybourne traps Elena, Roman, Bennet, Ginny, and Kim in the attic. Tory and Matthew grow closer. Alex makes a disturbing connection.


Episode 8 - Spellbound

Elena makes a big decision about her future, and a shocking revelation about Jocelyn's history at The Greybourne is revealed.


Episode 9 - The Serpent's Tooth

Elena's cover is threatened when someone from her past unexpectedly shows up at The Greybourne.


Episode 10 - Hale Fellow Well Met

In the season finale, alliances are tested and new ones are formed. The Greybourne will never be the same after a tidal wave of truth finally comes out.



Season 1

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