The Woodsmen

The Woodsmen Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Climb High or Die

Scattered throughout the forests of the Pacific Northwest, brave men with incredible building skills, have sought out the ultimate freedom--a life in the treetops removed from modernity.


Episode 2 - Collapse

After disaster strikes, one man is forced to rebuild his tree structure. And when supplies run dangerously low, one woodsmen has to get creative to survive.


Episode 3 - Slippery When Wet

Jay's search for essential supplies takes him on a journey through frozen waters. Ethan and Aza make an explosive discovery.


Episode 4 - Tree Castle

Ethan and Aza begin work on the base of Aza's new structure--the only rotating tree house in the world. Guns are drawn as the woodsmen cross paths with unfamiliar faces.


Episode 5 - Search and Rescue

One man has a dangerous mishap in a dark cave, while another woodsmen is stranded in the wilderness without critical supplies.


Episode 6 - Night Raiders

After a late night search and rescue mission, one woodsman returns home to shocking news. A prized stallion goes missing.


Episode 7 - Warpath

Outlaw poachers threaten the woodsmen's existence. Revenge could be a costly gamble.


Episode 8 - The Big Bang

The men race to complete the biggest projects they've ever tackled. One pair of woodsmen face off with aggressive intruders.



Season 1

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