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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Mind the Cracks

On the day he plans to kill himself, Andy’s chaotic sister begs him to help her out by looking after her son. He agrees, but the seemingly simple task of caring for his nephew, Errol, spirals into a bizarre misadventure for the pair.


Episode 2 - Party Monster

After a series of personal humiliations, Andy’s forced to babysit a sick Errol. But upon learning his nephew is faking to get out of a child’s birthday party, Andy’s determined to teach Errol how to be a party monster. Little does Andy know he’ll have to face some monsters of his own at the birthday party from hell.


Episode 3 - I Like-Like You

Andy tries to get back with Gwen by entering a battle of the bands. Only problem, he doesn’t have a band. Errol’s acting weird and it has something to do with a girl. When the guys learn of their mutual woes they join forces to help each other out. But when Andy tries to turn Errol into a ladies man, things are bound to get complicated.


Episode 4 - Favourites

Errol’s paternal grandmother, Joan, is hosting a family luncheon and Sam ropes Andy into coming along for moral support. Unfortunately it’s just as Errol’s “cool uncle” Rex arrives home on holiday and Andy embarks on a competition to win Errol’s sole affections. Meanwhile, Sam and Ben hit a snag in their custody battle and Andy doesn’t know how to deal with Joan. The scene is set for delightfully tense day at grandmother’s house.


Episode 5 - Last of the Red Hot Uncles

While Sam’s attempting to ditch her dowdy sponsor and Errol’s away on a school trip, Andy’s trying to break up with Shelly, make up with Gwen and woo Errol’s teacher Melodie. But can Andy really juggle three women on the go? With Errol on the phone trying to be his conscience, Andy will take things to farcical extremes to try to have his cake and eat it too.


Episode 6 - Nephew

As Sam and Ben’s custody battle looms, Andy and Errol are offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to sign with Rage Records and infamous music producer, Mo Kahn. Little does Andy know, Mo’s only interested in the kid and Errol hasn’t worked out how to break the bad news. Will Errol have to choose between the love of his uncle and being a famous pop star?



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