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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Bedtime Stories

When Puppycorn can't fall asleep, Dr. Fox uses an invention to bring classic bedtime stories to life. But the gang's presence leads to some surprising twists in these popular tales in the season three premiere episode.


Episode 2 - Stop the Presses

Richard's newspapers aren't selling, so his friends pull out all the stops to put the printed word back on top.


Episode 3 - Grown Up Stuff

Puppycorn doesn't want to grow up. To ease his woes, Unikitty spends the day teaching him all the fun things about being an adult.


Episode 4 - Brain Trust

Dr. Fox accidentally transports the gang inside her brain, where they must control her movements to complete a dangerous experiment.


Episode 5 - Castles and Kitties

Score Creeper traps the gang in a fantasy role-playing game where they must follow a complex set of rules to win their freedom.


Episode 6 - Old Lady Bodyguard

After being "bought" at a charity auction, Hawkodile is forced to spend the day as Old Lady Edith's personal bodyguard.


Episode 7 - Too Cool

Puppycorn needs a lesson in how to be cool. The gang is more than happy to teach him, until his coolness unexpectedly freezes the whole kingdom!


Episode 8 - Guardian of the Unikingdom

Hawkodile insists the Unikingdom is more dangerous than it looks, and sets out to prove it by taking his friends on bodyguard patrol.


Episode 9 - Cast Aside the Truth

Hawkodile breaks his arms in a careless spill, then lies to his friends about the accident to keep from looking bad


Episode 10 - Unikitty and the Ice Pop Factory

An eccentric figure announces a contest to tour her marvellous ice pop factory, sending the gang on a frantic quest to find the winning popsicle stick.


Episode 11 - Sunken Treasure

A relaxing beach day becomes an underwater adventure when Unikitty and her friends find a message in a bottle.


Episode 12 - Dawn of the Donut

Dr. Fox's plans to deliver donuts all over the Unikingdom are sidetracked by Unikitty's reluctance to follow instructions.


Episode 13 - P.L.O.T. Device 2: Beyond the Bored Dome

Dr. Fox reprograms the P.L.O.T. Device to only generate boring events, but the gang can't help but add drama and excitement to every scenario.


Episode 14 - The New Nemesis

When Hawkodile discovers his old enemy Eagleator has a new nemesis in his life, the gang do all they can to get Hawk back on his foe's radar.


Episode 15 - Baby Caterpillar

Unikitty takes in a radioactive caterpillar and raises it like a baby, unaware of the havoc it will wreak as a full-grown adult.


Episode 16 - Borrowed

Richard discovers his library books have been borrowed by Master Frown, and sets off on a crazed mission to return the books before they're overdue.


Episode 17 - Best Best Friends

Master Frown and Brock attend a friendship-themed competition intending to ruin it for everyone else, but soon discover their own friendship in need of repair.


Episode 18 - The Escape Room of Doom

The gang infiltrate an escape room game center to thwart Score Creeper, but their former foe claims he only works there to pay the bills.


Episode 19 - Last One There

When Unikitty accidentally invokes an ancient curse, the gang must beat Master Frown and Brock back to the castle before one of them literally turns into a rotten egg.


Episode 20 - The Very Best Candy

The gang can't decide which of their candy is the best, so they turn it sentient and have it fight to determine the winner.


Episode 21 - The Unikingdom Awards

Unikitty throws an elaborate award show for everyone in the Unikingdom, including Master Frown and Brock, but tensions rise when Frown fails to win an award.


Episode 22 - The Birthday to End All Birthdays, Pt. 1

Unikitty and the gang secretly throw Master Frown the birthday of his dreams, but their efforts have lasting repercussions beyond Frown's special day.


Episode 23 - The Birthday to End All Birthdays, Pt. 2

Following the events of Master Frown's birthday, Unikitty and her friends form a resistance group to restore the Unikingdom.


Episode 24 - Sick Day

Dr. Fox catches a “common cold” and does everything in her power to cure herself, ignoring the gang's pleas that she take the day off and rest.



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