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Watch the Sound With Mark Ronson Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Auto-Tune

Mark, T-Pain, and Charli XCX break down Auto-Tune—aka “robot sadness”—the musical accident that evolved into an empowering game changer.


Episode 2 - Sampling

The debate rages on—is sampling tribute or theft? One thing’s clear: It better be funky. Mark, Paul McCartney, and DJ Premier dig in.


Episode 3 - Reverb

Working with Amy Winehouse kicked off Mark’s emotional journey with reverb. Today, he travels around the world to unearth its infinite potential.


Episode 4 - Synthesizers

Mark celebrates the innovators and outsiders who harnessed the power of synthesizers and shares Kevin Parker’s (Tame Impala) love for their sound.


Episode 5 - Drum Machines

“GIMME A BEAT!” From the Linn drum to the 808, Mark, Questlove, and Too $hort track the evolution of the machines that gave us hip-hop.


Episode 6 - Distortion

Mark and Santigold talk distortion—the rebellious sound of breaking the rules—and explore the pioneers who used it to disrupt culture.



Season 1

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