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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Welcome to (Barb) Flatch

A lot has changed since the documentary crew last checked in on Flatch. Kelly is changing diapers, Cheryl and Joe are raising baby chickens, and Shrub is courting Beth. In the season premiere episode, Flatch royalty - Barb Flatch herself (Jaime Pressly) - makes a triumphant return to her hometown to shake things up.


Episode 2 - Blackout

A major heatwave passes through Flatch and gender-reveal cakes, lizards and chickens are melting when the town has a blackout! The church is the only place with power, and when everyone must band together to stay cool, wild antics and chaos erupt.


Episode 3 - Maniflatch Destiny

Cheryl‘s chickens are making enough eggs to go around and Father Joe attempts to teach Shrub to drive. Meanwhile, Kelly's career is taking off as Barb's brand-new intern.


Episode 4 - Open House

Barb's first open house in Flatch draws all kinds of attention and attendance from chickens, throuples and Kelly's crock pot weiners. Meanwhile, Mandy has displaced Father Joe as the go-to Flatch advice-giver. Despite the chaos, Kelley rises to the occasion as an up-and-coming real estate agent of her own.


Episode 5 - The Headless Horseman

Flatch is ready for some spooky and spirited Halloween celebrations! When a psychic at Barb's ladies “spooky night” influences some big changes and sparks some Flatch romance - dynamics are forever changed.


Episode 6 - Glowing Up Is Hard to Do

Shrub has broken "The Cuz Code" with Kelly by dating her boss, Barb, and Kelly is annoyed. Beth is now feeling jealous so Kelly steps in to help her win Shrub back.


Episode 7 - The Tri-State Real Estate Conference

Kelly, Barb and Barb's new boyfriend, Shrub, all attend a real estate conference together! When they run into Barb's ex, Burt, emotions run high. Meanwhile, Cheryl decides to focus on not only her chicken's eggs, but her own. She enlists Joe to help freeze her eggs.


Episode 8 - Flatchural Diaster

Mandy, Barb and Dylan are throwing their hats in the ring for the town ‘selectperson,' and everyone is taking sides for their heated town debate. Kelly and Nadine may finally have to bury the hatchet when they need each other most. When a tornado makes its way through the town, Flatch spins out of control.


Episode 9 - O Come, All Ye Flatchful

The Holiday Season has arrived in Flatch and Barb is getting into the Christmas spirit by holding auditions for her very own ‘Barbieshop' quartet! Joe is thrilled to show of his musical skills from his former boyband days. When Kelly and Shrub host a toy drive they have their very own Christmas miracle when their hero, Columbus Crew soccer star, Derrick Etienne, makes a special guest appearance.


Episode 10 - Flatch or (Butter) Bust

It's Barb's birthday!! But she is not in the mood to celebrate her milestone. She is not alone in her blues as Joe is also down in the dumps over his recent breakup with Cheryl. So, Nadine and Kelly set out to cheer up Barb and entice The Butter Guys.


Episode 11 - Flatch-Elor Party

It's time for a Flatch-Elor Party! Kelly and Shrub are scouting out the perfect location for Kelly's dad's bachelor party. They land on the laser tag park and shots are fired! Meanwhile, Barb calls a townhall meeting about an alleged porch pirate on the loose in Flatch. Barb, Mandy, Cheryl, and Nadine will stop at nothing to uncover this mystery.


Episode 12 - What Are You, Chicken?

The saga of the Flatch porch pirate continues! When Kelly and Shrub realize who the culprit is, they must figure out how to do right by Flatch. Meanwhile, Joe is still missing Cheryl, so Barb decides it's time for a makeover fit for a former boy band star before the agricultural fair.


Episode 13 - Flatch: Churn Here

It is time for Kelly and Barb to prove why Flatch should be the permanent home of the Butter Bust Museum and she is willing to do whatever it takes! Meanwhile, Shrub has big news to deliver to Lloyd and Mandy is in charge of blessing the town's animals.



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