Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Lauren Cohan

Gary Anthony Williams & Lauren Cohan open the season with Let's Make a Date, Dubbing, What's in the Bag and Living Scenery.


Episode 2 - Kevin McHale

Games include Scenes from a Hat, Song Styles, Sideways Scene and Helping Hands with Heather Anne Campbell & Kevin McHale.


Episode 3 - Candice Accola

Keegan-Michael Key & Candice Accola guest for games like Hollywood Director, Song Styles, Dating Profile and Living Scenery.


Episode 4 - Kyle Richards

Skits include Weird Newscasters, Props, Dubbing, Sideways Scene and Helping Hands. Jonathan Mangum & Kyle Richards play.


Episode 5 - Synchronized Swimmers

Special guests Jeff Davis, Mary Killman & Mariya Koroleva play Hollywood Director, Duet, Forward Reverse and Sideways Scene.


Episode 6 - Wilson Bethel

Comics Gary Anthony Williams & Wilson Bethel play Weird Newscasters, Duet, Sideways Scene, 3-Headed Song and Helping Hands.


Episode 7 - Lisa Leslie

Weird Newscasters, Songs, Newsflash, What's in the Bag and Living Scenery are played by Heather Anne Campbell & Lisa Leslie.


Episode 8 - Keegan Michael-Key

Keegan-Michael Key performs in Questions with Wigs, Sideways Scene, What's in the Bag, Scenes from a Hat and Helping Hands.


Episode 9 - Laila Ali

Funny guests Jeff Davis & Laila Ali play games including Scenes from a Hat, Dubbing, Props, Greatest Hits and Helping Hands.


Episode 10 - Maggie Q

Nyima Funk & Maggie Q have a zany time hosting Hollywood Director, Dubbing, Newsflash, What's in the Bag and Helping Hands.


Episode 11 - Legends Football League

Hosts Jonathan Mangum, Chloe Butler & Monique Gaxiola play Hollywood Director, Duet, What's in the Bag and Scenes from a Hat.


Episode 12 - Shawn Johnson

Skits include Scenes from a Hat, Props, Sideways Scene, Living Scenery and Greatest Hits with Nyima Funk & Shawn Johnson.


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