Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Wolfboy Finds Adventure

Wolfboy spies curious-looking creatures at his new boarding school and follows them down a glowing portal.


Episode 2 - Wolfboy Gets a Bed / Wolfboy Makes a Blunder

Sprytes from the rival dorm challenge Wolfboy to complete the risky star trial. Wolfboy creates a peculiar little friend.


Episode 3 - There’s Trouble in the Wood / Sprout Makes the Team

Wolfboy, Xandra, and Sprout volunteer to care for sick trees. A spryte game between dorms brings out Xandra’s competitive side.


Episode 4 - Losing Track of Time / Chaos Comes to Class

The gang goes on a time-traveling adventure to undo Wolfboy’s mistake. A disarray attack unleashes something remarkable in Wolfboy.


Episode 5 - Wolfboy Finds a Memory

Wolfboy, Xandra, and Sprout sneak into the Memory Maze to find out why Luxcraft’s pendant is so familiar to Wolfboy.


Episode 6 - Wolfboy Goes Home / Wolfboy Makes a Snowflake

Xandra and Sprout join Wolfboy on his trip home to see his mother. Wolfboy helps Blip find his confidence.


Episode 7 - Grandmother Tells a Story / Grandmother Loses Her Crown

Wolfboy visits Xandra and Sprout’s home to celebrate Elderspryte Day. Grandmother Figwort’s beloved crown is stolen.


Episode 8 - Nobody Started It! / Wolfboy Begins His Training

Dorm rivalry reaches peak silliness with an all-out prank war. Luxcraft begins training Wolfboy to harness his powers.


Episode 9 - We Laugh and Cry / We Don’t Know Who to Trust

Wolfboy’s secret training leaves him no time to focus on the Laugh Lab assignment. Wolfboy tells his friends the truth about everything.


Episode 10 - Wolfboy Follows His Dreams

An intense dream causes Wolfboy to sleepwalk toward a forbidden area, so the gang heads to the Dream Lab for help.



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