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Episode 1 - In Between the Sea and the Land

Because of their Hamaji Junior High School closing, Umimura residents Sakishima Hikari, Mukaido Manaka, Hiradaira Chisaki, and Isaki Kaname are transfered to Mihama Junior High on the surface.


Episode 1 - The Promised Day

Five years later, the sea over Shioshishio is frozen and the surface enters into a continued winter. Chisaki pays a visit to Tsumugu's grandfather Isamu at the hospital before returning to meet Akari and her son, Akira.


Episode 2 - The Protector of Smiles

Chisaki learns of Hikari's return but refrains from meeting him. Meanwhile, Hikari is still recovering from his hibernation when he meets some of his old friends and the fishermen association presents him with the same flag he used during the Ofunehiki.


Episode 2 - The Chilly Desert

Manaka ends up with a fish face on her knee because of Uroko-sama's curse. Meanwhile, Hikari gets annoyed that Manaka and Tsumugu are talking and tells him to not concern himself with the people of Umimura.


Episode 3 - The Whispers of the Faraway Waves

Hikari starts back at Hama Junior High and is in the same class as Miuna and Sayu. He fits right in instantly, making the class laugh and has his old teacher back. But Miuna and Sayu can't help but feel that the situation is weird.


Episode 3 - The Tradition of the Sea

The older men of the village rounded up Akari and Hikari and the others try to stop them. They learn about the rule that if you are seeing someone from the surface, you will be banished from the village.


Episode 4 - The Sick Two

Akari tells Hikari and Miuna that she was informed of Kaname waking from hibernation. They hurry over and find that Kaname hasn't aged at all. Chisaki and Tsumugu also rush down to see him, but Kaname sees them together and doesn't know how to feel.


Episode 4 - Because We're Friends

Hikari finds out that Akari's boyfriend is the father of the girl who had been fighting him, Miuna. Miuna asks him to help break them up. The next day, they are in a cooking class with Umimura kids. Manaka encourages the kids to try the food they cooked.


Episode 5 - Shioshishio

By following Miuna's directions, the three finally arrive at Shioshishio. Anxious about meeting Manaka once more, Hikari decides to return home and pay a visit to his father first, while Kaname leaves to check on his house as well.


Episode 5 - Hey, Sea Slug

Akari is able to tell Uroko-sama and her father how she feels about Itaru, and is starting to smile a little again. Hikari sees that and feels a little better and heads to school. While on their way to school, Chisaki is late and walking on her own.


Episode 6 - Beyond Tomoebi

The students get together for swimming class. The sea kids are getting used to school on land and are getting along with the other kids. The teacher is going to be timing them today, but as the kids groan in response Hikari and Tsumugu's rivalry fires up.


Episode 6 - The Lost, Lost Little...

After some examination, it is confirmed that although still asleep, Manaka is in good health and should wake up soon. Watching Miuna next to Hikari while talking with the uncounscious Manaka, Chisaki realizes that Miuna also likes him as well.


Episode 7 - The Ofunehiki Shakes

After school, the classmates gather for the final stretch finishing the Ojoshi-sama. After completing the Ojoshi-sama, they wonder if it's possible to somehow do an actual Ofunehiki like they used to do with the surface and the sea working together.


Episode 7 - Sleeping Beauty

With no signs of Manaka awakening, Hikari keeps searching for Uroko with Kaname and Chisaki's help. Miuna is worried about Hikari and reprimands him when he reveals his intention to stop going to school, creating a divide between them.


Episode 8 - The Messenger from the Bottom of the Sea

Hikari and his friends are surprised with Manaka, who, just woken up, acting as if nothing changed, without a single Ena remains on her. Miuna is soaking her feet in the water at school since she mysteriously got Ena and feels hard at breathing.


Episode 8 - Beyond the Wavering Feelings

Akari decides once and for all that she is going to live on the surface, and Hikari also leaves the house because he feels that Akari isn't being treated fairly.


Episode 9 - Unknown Warmth

Miuna makes a snow sea slug out of the saltflake snow that has fallen. Meanwhile, Hikari thinks about how his father is doing alone in the sea. In the sea, Uroko-sama had gathered everyone to tell them of the calamity that was about to come.


Episode 9 - Something Lost

Tsumugu is cursed with the curse fish on his arm. Everyone looks for Uroko-sama to find out what's going on with everyone in Shioshishio and what's going to happen on the surface.


Episode 10 - Who Do These Feelings Belong To?

Uroko-sama tells Hikari and Miuna that Manaka has lost the heart to fall in love with anyone. Hikari tries desperately to find a way to turn Manaka back to normal, and has a hard time facing her because of that.


Episode 10 - The Saltflake Snow Falls and Falls

Uroko-sama tells everyone that the Sea God's powers have become much smaller than they used to be, and that the saltflake snow will continue to fall both in the sea and on the surface until the world is cold and gray


Episode 11 - The Changing Times

Kaname suddenly confesses his feelings to Chisaki in front of her parents. Hikari and Manaka do their best to go on with the Ofunehiki, hearing that if the Sea God gets his powers back, the disaster that is to befall their world may be stopped.


Episode 11 - Detritus

Tsumugu reveals when his Ena awakened he felt the feelings of others around him and is certain Manaka's feelings were there. He wants to hold an Ofunehiki, using Manaka's stone in the Ojoshi doll to please the sea god and return Manaka's feelings to her.


Episode 12 - I Want to be Kind

Akari makes the decision to take Ojoshi-sama's place in the Ofunehiki and head into to marriage with Itaru like she was headed toward the Sea God. That was when the preparations to try to re-enact the first Ofunehiki went back under way.


Episode 12 - Love is Like the Sea

During the festival, the group goes into the frozen sea and find Miuna and Manaka are connected through their feelings for Hikari. Miuna then tries to become the Ojoshi herself and calm the water god.


Episode 13 - The Color of the Sea. The Color of the Land. The Color of the Wind. The Color of the Heart. The Color of You.

After Hikari offers his feelings to the Sea God, the Sacred Flame burns away the grave of Ojoshi, and he rescues Miuna. The Sea God realizes her feelings she had for a man on the surface, despite Ojoshi had also loved her, and life returns to Shishishio.


Episode 13 - Unreachable Fingertips

After a brief talk with Tsumugu, Manaka returns home and meets Hikari. In the occasion, Hikari reaffirms his feelings for her and she claims that have something important to tell him after the Ofunehiki.



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