A Moody Christmas

A Moody Christmas Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Separate Seats

Dan’s first trip home since moving to London becomes yet another Moody family Christmas from hell.


Episode 2 - Operation Sex Via The Homeless

Maree’s attempts to have a more meaningful Christmas are derailed when Dan invites a homeless woman to lunch in order to impress Cora.


Episode 3 - Decapod Crustaceans

An explosive family secret leaves Kevin’s life hanging in the balance.


Episode 4 - I'm Walt Roskow

A family rift threatens when Hayden discovers the truth about Dan and Cora.


Episode 5 - Water Under The Bridge

Sean’s plans to propose are derailed when Uncle Rhys gets out on day release from prison.


Episode 6 - Last Minute Airfare

Dan rushes home in a last ditch effort to win Cora back.



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