Blood & Money

Blood & Money Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - An Unexpected Link To Robert Durst

Law enforcement elites join forces.


Episode 2 - The Millionaire's Defense

The brutal murder of a well-known mother of quadruplets reveals a sinister plot.


Episode 3 - A Missing Mogul

Discovery of a local businessman’s remains sends law enforcement down a clear path to justice.


Episode 4 - A College Kingpin's Greed

Multiple jurisdictions come together.


Episode 5 - High Society Schemers

An eccentric New York socialite’s disappearance sparks questions around a mother-son duo.


Episode 6 - The Case Of The Menendez Brothers Today

The infamous case is back in the spotlight.


Episode 7 - The Hitman's Tale

A mysterious mountain town shooting of a wealthy out of towner leads investigators down a twisted path.


Episode 8 - Inventing The Rockefella

A couple goes missing while working a secret mission.


Episode 9 - The Business Of Divorce

The city of Reno erupts into chaos after a public figure is shot at by an unknown sniper.


Episode 10 - A Casino Tycoon's Hidden Treasure

A casino tycoon is found dead in his home of an apparent overdose.



Season 1

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