Death in Paradise Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Christmas Special 2021

The sun-soaked, scintillating beauty of Saint Marie is rocked at Christmas time by a baffling murder, with a dazzling array of guest stars under suspicion. A wealthy shipping magnate is found dead at a Christmas party. Things get stranger when a man in London receives a mysterious Christmas card connected to the victim's death.


Episode 1 - Episode 1

When a British Cop is found murdered in a locked room on the tiny paradise island of Saint-Marie, Detective Inspector Richard Poole is sent to investigate He’s the perfect man to solve the case - if only he didn't just hate sun, sea and sand.


Episode 2 - Episode 2

As DI Richard Poole desperately searches for a decent cup of tea – a bride is murdered on her wedding day. A tragedy DS Camille Bordey can’t help but notice whilst Richard is more interested in housekeeping signs… But who would kill a bride on her wedding day – could it really be one of her family?


Episode 3 - Episode 3

When a woman not only predicts her own murder but also gives a description of the murderer it all feels too easy for DI Richard Poole. Can a case from the past help solve the present day murder? And more importantly can Richard convince the team that it has nothing to do with voodoo spirits?


Episode 4 - Episode 4

A confession of murder proves problematic for DI Richard Poole and the team when a wife admits to killing her husband but the body is nowhere to be found. Can Richard solve the mystery? And could his feelings be clouding his judgment?