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Episode 1 - Pilot

Marking the 25th anniversary of the first episode of Inspector Morse, ITV1 presents a drama exploring the early years of Colin Dexter's legendary detective. In 1965, young Detective Constable Endeavour Morse has become disillusioned with the job - but then the search for a missing schoolgirl draws him back to Oxford, the city which will shape and define his destiny. As he gets deeper into a full-blown murder investigation led by Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, Morse finds himself side-lined, discredited and at a dead end. As he tries to face down the demons of his past, Morse begins his own quest for justice, risking everything in the hunt for a truth that will haunt him for the rest of his life


Episode 1 - Striker

Endeavour finds himself right back in the thick of it when an explosive murder at an Oxford college has potentially far-reaching political ramifications.


Episode 1 - Series 1, Episode 1: Girl

Crime drama series about the young detective constable Endeavour Morse. Endeavour is sceptical when the death of a student is put down to a heart attack.


Episode 2 - Series 1, Episode 2: Fugue

An unknown menace is stalking Oxford and striking fear into the hearts of its citizens. Although the killer appears to be a deranged lunatic striking at random, Endeavour uncovers an underlying method to the madness.


Episode 2 - Scherzo

Endeavour and the team are called to investigate the murder of a cab driver found dead in his taxi on the outskirts of Oxford.


Episode 2 - Girl

Four-part crime drama series. When a young secretarial student dies suddenly at home, Endeavour senses that there is more to the case than the initial verdict of heart attack.


Episode 3 - Series 1, Episode 3: Rocket

When Princess Margaret unveils the British Imperial Electric Company's new missile, Endeavour is excluded from the event. But when a worker is found murdered in a secluded area of the shop floor, he finds himself embroiled in the affairs of the factory and its owners.


Episode 3 - Fugue

Crime drama series. A new kind of killer haunts the Oxford twilight - he appears to strike at random, but Endeavour uncovers an underlying method to the staging of the crimes.


Episode 3 - Terminus

It's winter 1971. The team are called to investigate the violent murder of an Oxford college don, but Endeavour's suitability to work on the case becomes compromised.


Episode 4 - Series 1, Episode 4: Home

When a hit-and-run accident claims the life of an eminent classics professor, events are set in motion which will lead to the Moonlight Rooms nightclub and a blood reckoning.


Episode 4 - Rocket

When a worker at a missile factory is murdered, Bright wants the case resolved quickly, but Endeavour remains unconvinced that the crime is such an open-and-shut case.


Episode 5 - Series 2, Episode 1: Trove

A baffling suicide, an anguished father searching for his missing daughter and the robbery of Anglo-Saxon treasures strain even the talents of DC Endeavour Morse, as he returns to the force after a four-month absence from duty.


Episode 5 - Home

As the shadow of East End villainy falls on Oxford, a hit-and-run accident claims the life of an eminent classics professor. Endeavour and Thursday must each face their pasts.


Episode 6 - Series 2, Episode 2: Nocturne

As England and Argentina kick off in the World Cup quarter-final, Oxford's streets are deserted. When an elderly man is brutally murdered in an almost empty museum, the investigation sends Endeavour and DI Fred Thursday to a girls' school which is haunted by memories of an atrocity committed almost a hundred years earlier.


Episode 7 - Series 2, Episode 3: Sway

As Oxford falls under a thick blanket of fog, a multiple murderer haunts the city, strangling married women with a silk stocking and removing their wedding rings.


Episode 8 - Series 2, Episode 4: Neverland

As 1966 draws to a close, the body of a disreputable journalist found in mysterious circumstances threatens to expose unspeakable horrors from the past.


Episode 9 - Series 3, Episode 1: Ride

A funfair on Cowley Green turns sinister when bus conductress Jeannie Hearne is spirited away in the night, without any explanation.


Episode 10 - Series 3, Episode 2: Arcadia

The shock death of an artist in a house fire leaves Oxford city police baffled.


Episode 11 - Series 3, Episode 3: Prey

A seemingly routine missing persons case takes on a troubling dimension, when Morse is propelled into the untamed wilderness of the Oxfordshire countryside and the ancient Mortmaigne family estate of Crevecouer.


Episode 12 - Series 3, Episode 4: Coda

Endeavour, recruited by his old college mentor Felix Lorimer to look into the safety of his estranged younger wife Nina, contemplates his police career as well as having to contend with unexpected strife in his personal life.


Episode 13 - Series 4, Episode 1: Game

Throwing himself into his work to mask the heartache of Joan Thursday leaving, Endeavour is quickly consumed by his duties when one of the research team developing a 'thinking' machine is found drowned near Magdalen Bridge.


Episode 14 - Series 4, Episode 2: Canticle

When moral crusader Joy Pettybon receives a death threat, Endeavour must protect her at all costs.


Episode 15 - Series 4, Episode 3: Lazaretto

Whispers that Cowley General contains a cursed ward - and a seemingly innocuous death - set off a chain of events that lead Endeavour to investigate the dark depths of the hospital.


Episode 16 - Series 4, Episode 4: Harvest

The extraordinary discovery of a 2,000-year-old body reveals a new lead in a missing person case.


Episode 17 - Series 5, Episode 1: Muse

The auction of a priceless Faberge egg attracts the attention of an infamous international thief - and the new Thames Valley Constabulary - as Endeavour investigates.


Episode 18 - Series 5, Episode 2: Cartouche

Hollywood glamour comes to Oxford as the stars of a new horror movie begin filming in the city. Meanwhile, the unexplained death of a former detective sergeant leads Endeavour and Thursday to a local cinema, which is playing host to the film's stars in a special event.


Episode 19 - Series 5, Episode 3: Passenger

Things take a surprising turn when a woman's body is discovered at an abandoned railway station and Endeavour realises it's more than a simple missing persons case.


Episode 20 - Series 5, Episode 4: Colours

A photoshoot on an army base turns sinister when a model is found dead. The investigation is complicated when they discover that Sam Thursday is involved. With Thursday sidelined by protocol, Endeavour and Strange take the lead - the first time without their mentor.


Episode 21 - Series 5, Episode 5: Quartet

A death at an international sporting event opens a new case for Endeavour and Thursday, but their investigation is quickly brought to an unexpected end. While Thursday wants to step away, Endeavour is determined to find out more and secretly undertakes to discover the truth.


Episode 22 - Series 5, Episode 6: Icarus

When a teacher mysteriously disappears, Endeavour finds himself investigating the hidden world of a public school.


Episode 23 - Series 6, Episode 1: Pylon

The murder of a schoolgirl brings Endeavour back to Oxford. When he refuses to accept that the main suspect is guilty, Endeavour has to uncover the truth and rescue a victim before it's too late.


Episode 24 - Series 6, Episode 2: Apollo

When a tragic car accident becomes something altogether more suspicious, Endeavour's investigations lead him to the Oxford astrophysics department and a TV puppet studio.


Episode 25 - Series 6, Episode 3: Confection

With gossip and rumour threatening to expose the secrets of a sleepy Oxfordshire village, Endeavour investigates their connection to a series of shocking murders.


Episode 26 - Series 6, Episode 4: Deguello

The murder of an Oxford librarian and a local tragedy test Endeavour and the team to their limits, as they uncover the truth behind the crime that has haunted them all.


Episode 27 - Series 7, Episode 1: Oracle

A grisly murder on an Oxford towpath speaks to Thursday's intuition.


Episode 28 - Series 7, Episode 2: Raga

It's the lead up to 1970's general election and as racial tensions escalate in Oxford, tragedy strikes in an Indian restaurant, testing family loyalties.


Episode 29 - Series 7, Episode 3: Zenana

Endeavour uncovers a potential link between a series of peculiar accidents leading him to an all-women Oxford college determined to eschew co-education.


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