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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S7 EP1 A Deceiving Deal

A three-bedroom home is selling for a low price in Whittier, California, as the seller wants to get rid of the property quickly. However, the house is still occupied by a tenant.


Episode 2 - S7 EP2 Switching Rooms

Christina and Tarek get to work on a four-bedroom home in Garden Grove, California, with a very strange layout. They begin to question whether it's actually a four-bedroom at all.


Episode 3 - S7 EP3 Post-Purchase Problems

Christina and Tarek head to Anaheim, California, where they find a partially renovated home and an owner who doesn't know how much they want to sell it for.


Episode 4 - S7 EP4 Midcentury Maze

Christina and Tarek take on a house that has a swimming pool infested with mosquitoes, but has the potential to be a charming family home.


Episode 5 - S7 EP5 Infringing Flip

An owner hopes to sell a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Garden Grove, California, but it seems that one of the bedrooms may be illegally permitted.


Episode 6 - S7 EP6 Junk-Pile Flip

A seemingly great small home in Long Beach turns out to have some huge problems, posing quite a challenge for Tarek and Christina.


Episode 7 - S7 EP7 Shattered Flip

Tarek and Christina tackle the challenge of a dilapidated and vandalised four-bedroom home in Lakewood, California.


Episode 8 - S7 EP8 Midcentury Markup

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a home with mid-century architectural details that could sell for top dollar. However, they're forced to outbid other investors.


Episode 9 - S7 EP9 Pigeonhole Flip

Tarek and Christina take on a home in Santa Ana that's full of surprises, and work to modernise the house to appeal to modern-day buyers.


Episode 10 - S7 EP10 What's Old Is New Again

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a retro home with outdated designs and others that are in style again, so they think the house could still be profitable.


Episode 11 - S7 EP11 Rock Bottom Flip

Tarek and Christina purchase a dirty and dated home and struggle to strike a good balance between cost and profitability.


Episode 12 - S7 EP12 Two Houses For Sale

Tarek gets a lead on a house that needs more work than they'd hoped. Meanwhile, Christina struggles to tell Tarek she wants to sell the house they lived in.


Episode 13 - S7 EP13 Flipping And Dating

Tarek asks Christina to meet him at a potential new property in Diamond Bar, California. However, when he rushes off for a date, Christina makes fun of him.


Episode 14 - S7 EP14 Bursting At The Seams

Tarek and Christina are out of town when they get a lead on a house in La Mirada, and are forced to buy the house sight unseen. Will the gamble pay off?


Episode 15 - S7 EP15 Tri-Level Flip

Tarek and Christina try to flip a three-level, four-bedroom home in Orange County, California that has a dated interior plan.


Episode 16 - S7 EP16 New Normal in Arcadia

Tarek and Christina try to flip a home in Arcadia, California, but they have different opinions on the property.


Episode 17 - S7 EP17 Dark And Dingy

Tarek and Christina find a good flip in Garden, CA, but Christina is worried that Tarek's penny-pinching will prevent them from making the design decisions to maximize profits.


Episode 18 - S7 EP18 Rotten Flip

Tarek and Christina gamble on a possible million-dollar home in Anaheim Hills, California, that is rotted with mould.


Episode 19 - S7 EP19 Fantastic Flip

Tarek and Christina look at a home in Costa Mesa, California. While Christina goes all-out, Tarek doesn't want to spend the money.


Episode 20 - S7 EP20 Infested Flip

Tarek and Christina flip a small three-bedroom home in Santa Ana. The pair run into issues when they have conflicting ideas about what style they should use to update the house.


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