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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S9 EP1 Stiff Competition

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a house in an upscale neighbourhood of North Tustin, California. When they show up to view the house, they face competition from other investors.


Episode 2 - S9 EP2 Covered Costs

Tarek and Christina take a risk on an unseen house in Orange, California, but soon discover that it's been vandalised and the owners covered up a disgusting pool.


Episode 3 - S9 EP3 Enamored by the View

When Tarek and Christina get a chance to flip a house with panoramic views of the ocean, they go all in.


Episode 4 - S9 EP4 Busy Flip

Tarek and Christina find a good deal on a home in La Mirada, California.


Episode 5 - S9 EP5 Cut And Run

Tarek and Christina flip a house in the cookie cutter neighbourhood of Laguna Hills, California.


Episode 6 - S9 EP6 Tilted Flop

A flip in Mission Viejo, California, looks promising until Tarek and Christina discover cracks and uneven floors - the house is slipping off the hillside


Episode 7 - S9 EP7 Far Out Flip

Tarek and Christina are lured to North Hollywood, California, by a 1930s Spanish home. They want to appeal to trendy Los Angeles buyers by preserving the historic architecture.


Episode 8 - S9 EP8 Better Be Quick

With so many flips in play, Tarek and Christina take out an expensive, hard-money loan to flip a house in Fountain Valley, California. They're pressured to flip the house quickly.


Episode 9 - S9 EP9 Back House Flip

Tarek and Christina find a small house in Lakewood, CA, to flip quickly. However, when they discover an non-permitted addition, they're faced with a dilemma.


Episode 10 - S9 EP10 Go Big Or Go Home

Tarek and Christina take on one of their biggest projects to-date in Anaheim Hills, CA, but modernising this 1990s mansion will cost them a fortune.


Episode 11 - S9 EP11 Prickly Flip

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a property overrun with cacti in Lakewood, CA, but they can't see inside because tenants are still there.


Episode 12 - S9 EP12 Filthy Flip

Tarek and Christina have seen some nasty houses during their years of flipping, but this house in Garden Grove, CA, might take the cake.


Episode 13 - S9 EP13 Fifties Flip

Christina convinces Tarek to take on a classic 1950s flip in Norwalk, CA. Updating the vintage home and creating a more functional layout for contemporary buyers.


Episode 14 - S9 EP14 Flew The Coop

From dirty carpets to rotten food, Tarek and Christina thought they had seen the worst of this house in Cerritos, California.


Episode 15 - S9 EP15 Smelly Time Capsule

Tarek and Christina make a costly decision to open up the floor plan on a 1950s home in Whittier. The duo encounter extensive termite and water damage.


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