Glitch - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of Glitch tonight


Patrick Brammall
Also starred in: Upper Middle Bogan , The Strange Calls , A Moody Christmas
Emma Booth
Also starred in: The Boys Are Back , Blood Creek , H is for Happiness
جنيفيف أوريلي
Emily Barclay
Also starred in: Babyteeth , Ellipsis , Please Like Me
Ned Dennehy
Also starred in: Outlander , Zone 414 , Dominion Creek
Sean Keenan
Also starred in: Drift , Barons , The True History of the Kelly Gang
Daniela Farinacci
Also starred in: Total Control , Lantana , East West 101
Hannah Monson
Also starred in: Halifax: Retribution
Andrew McFarlane (Australian Actor)
Also starred in: Play School , Devil's Playground , Newton's Law
Rodger Corser
Also starred in: Party Tricks , DisRupted - Rocky & Me , Thai Cave Rescue
John Leary
Also starred in: Red Dog , Bananas in Pyjamas , The Letdown
Aaron L. McGrath
Also starred in: Ready for This , Jasper Jones , Mystery Road

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