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Episode 1 - 1. Mort

After being betrayed and nearly killed, private security operative Sam Hunter returns to London to determine which of her colleagues set her up.


Episode 2 - 2. LB

After a colleague is kidnapped by the criminal multi-millionaire she's spying on, Sam is ordered to kill him to keep him from being tortured and compromising the team.


Episode 3 - 3. Hourglass

Sam comes face to face with the Frenchman she seduced and betrayed in Tangier. He offers to tell her who tried to assassinate her, but only if she gives vital information to him.


Episode 4 - 4. Kismet

After witnessing a brutal murder, Sam discovers Jack Turner, the criminal multi-millionaire she's spying on, is engaged in sabotage to make millions on the stock market.


Episode 5 - 5. Ambassadors

A mysterious assassin tells Sam that he's trying to protect her from 'Hourglass', a conspiracy orchestrated by five multinational corporations.


Episode 6 - 6. Polyhedrus

Sam suspects Jack Turner intends to assassinate Fatima Zahir, a Pakistani presidential candidate opposed to the sale of the dam he's trying to buy. She and the team race to save Zahir's life.


Episode 7 - 7. Khyber

Jack Turner demands he be awarded the dam, revealing he has evidence implicating Byzantium's client in a terrible crime. With the operation nearly over, Aidan presses Sam to revisit childhood memories


Episode 8 - 8. Snow Maiden

Sam is exposed as a spy, and trapped inside the house. Sam at last begins to recover terrible memories that explain why the Hourglass conspirators want her dead.



Season 1

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