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Episode 1 - Where Did Makka Pakka’s Sponge Go?

Makka Pakka is walking in the garden when he comes across some stones which he decides to clean. Mind the small stone Makka Pakka, woops!


Episode 2 - Ninky Nonk Dinner Swap

The Pontipines are taking their dinner for a walk in the garden. Here comes the Ninky Nonk. The Pontipines take their dinner aboard the Ninky Nonk. What a lovely dinner delicious food for Mr and Mrs Pontipine and runny grobbles for the children.


Episode 3 - Trubliphone Fun

The Pontipines are out for a walk in the garden when they hear a lot of loud noises. Upsy Daisy is singing, Makka Pakka is stacking stones and the Tombliboos are playing their Tombliboo music!


Episode 4 - Makka Pakka’s Circle of Friends

Makka Pakka is in the garden looking for stones but he can’t find any anywhere! Igglepiggle is walking in the garden and comes across a stone, he decides to find Makka Pakka and give the stone to him.


Episode 5 - Long and Ponky Ride in the Pinky Ponk

The Tombliboos are taking a ride on the Pinky Ponk. Mind the tree Pinky Ponk. ‘Ponk’! What a big ponk! Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy join the Tombliboos for a ride on the Pinky Ponk.


Episode 6 - Sad and Happy Tombliboos

Tombliboo Ooo is building a tower of bricks. Here comes Tombliboo Eee, she spots her favourite brick in Ooo’s tower. Be careful Tombliboo Eee! She knocks over Ooo’s tower trying to get her brick.


Episode 7 - Upsy Daisy Dances with the Pontipines

Upsy Daisy is having a Dancy Day in the garden. First she dances with the Tombliboos. Then she dances with the Pontipines. Who’s this riding on the Pinky Ponk, its Igglepiggle!


Episode 8 - Mind the Haahoos

The Pontipines and the Wottingers are out for a walk in the garden. Mrs Pontipine spots something through her binoculars, it’s the Ninky Nonk! All aboard the Ninky Nonk!


Episode 9 - Wake Up Ball

What’s that noise? It’s the ball! The ball is bouncing through the garden and lands straight on Upsy Daisy’s bed! The bed carries the ball all the way to Upsy Daisy. Upsy Daisy tucks the ball in so it can have a rest.


Episode 10 - Upsy Daisy Forgets Her Stone

Makka Pakka has a pile of six stones. He gives one stone to Igglepiggle and one stone to Upsy Daisy. Upsy Daisy tucks her stone safely in her bed. Makka Pakka gives a stone to each of the Tombliboos. What’s that noise?


Episode 11 - Long Distance Ball Game

Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle are out in the garden together. What’s that sound? The ball! Upsy Daisy kicks the ball to Igglepiggle, what a big kick! Makka Pakka is riding in the Pinky Ponk, look out for the ball Makka Pakka!


Episode 12 - Wottingers Hiding Game

The Pontipines are playing hide and seek with the Wottingers. The Wottingers are walking through the garden looking for places to hide whilst the Pontipines count.


Episode 13 - Upsy Daisy Only Wants to Sing

Upsy Daisy is singing with her megaphone in the garden. Here comes Upsy Daisy’s bed. Upsy Daisy isn’t tired though and sends her bed away.


Episode 14 - Tombliboos Busy Ninky Nonk Day

The Tombliboos are riding on the Ninky Nonk what a bouncy ride. The Ninky Nonk stops in some very lovely parts of the garden and now the Ninky Nonk has stopped again. What’s that sound? The ball!


Episode 15 - Pinky Ponk and the Ball

Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, the Tombliboos and Igglepiggle are all going for a ride on the Pinky Ponk. The ball is bouncing through the garden, what a big bounce!


Episode 16 - Sneezing

Igglepiggle is skipping through the garden. Suddenly he lets out a very big sneeze! Don’t worry Igglepiggle it’s only a sneeze. Here comes Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle is still sneezing and now Upsy Daisy does a big sneeze!


Episode 17 - Ninky Nonk or Pinky Ponk

Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the teeny tiny Pontipines all decide to go for a ride on the Ninky Nonk but the Tombliboos decide to ride in the Pinky Ponk instead.


Episode 18 - Oh Look! It’s the Wottingers!

The Wottingers are calling on the Pontipines, no reply, so they decide to go looking for them. The Pontipines were in after all and now the Pontipines go looking for the Wottingers!


Episode 19 - Upsy Daisy Dances With The Haahoos

Upsy Daisy is having a Dancy Day in the garden. First she dances with the Haahoos. Then she dances with the ball and then with the daisy’s in the garden. What lovely dancing Upsy Daisy.


Episode 20 - Fall Down Ball

The Tombliboos are out in the garden and here comes the ball, what a bouncy ball! The Tombliboos don’t want to play with the ball. They want to play with their bricks indoors. The Tombliboos build a very tall tower. What’s that sound? The ball!



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