Junior MasterChef Australia Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S3 Ep. 1

The Top 14 mini cooks have an open pantry to create their signature dish. The top two dishes will win the chance to use the immunity gong and save themselves from elimination during the competition.


Episode 2 - S3 Ep. 2

Collecting their own honey from a beehive, contestants must create a sweet or savoury dish that heroes honey. The best two dishes win immunity from the first elimination.


Episode 3 - S3 Ep. 3

The first elimination starts out with a blindfold taste test. Those who move into the second round must cook a dish that the judges can eat using only a spoon, chopsticks or a real life human hand.


Episode 4 - S3 Ep. 4

The contestants enter the MasterChef kitchen and scream with delight as they notice a giant-sized mystery box but no judges in sight.


Episode 5 - S3 Ep. 5

Contestants in today's challenge must cook along with judge Andy, but with no recipe. The two cooks with the dishes closest to Andy's will win immunity from the next elimination.


Episode 6 - S3 Ep. 6

Morgan Hipworth from Bistro Morgan reveals that in today's challenge, contestants will be creating their own donut topping and fillings. The two least impressive dishes will send their makers home.


Episode 7 - S3 Ep. 7

The contestants arrive at the MasterChef kitchen for a mystery box challenge set by none other than MasterChef Australia: Back To Win winner Emelia Jackson.


Episode 8 - S3 Ep. 8

Contestants will have have 60 minutes to make a dish using hand-pulled noodles made by master Mr X. The best two noodle dishes will keep their makers safe from this Sunday's elimination.


Episode 9 - S3 Ep. 9

Our juniors enter the MasterChef Kitchen and discover a winter wonderland - it's snowing. Today, the Junior MasterChefs will be braving the cold of a two-round elimination challenge.


Episode 10 - S3 Ep. 10

Curtis Stone sets tonight's mystery box which is all about the humble potato. Contestants are vying for a place in the Semi-Final by creating a sweet or savoury dish featuring delicious spuds.


Episode 11 - S3 Ep. 11

Contestants must hero a fruit or a vegetable in their dish. If they select a fruit they need to produce a savoury dish and if they select a vegetable they need to create a sweet dish.


Episode 12 - S3 Ep. 12

In tonight's pressure test contestants must recreate Kirsten Tibballs lemon meringue tart. The top three dishes will send their mini-makers into the Grand Finale, the others will be hearding home.


Episode 13 - S3 Ep. 13

Today's Grand Finale will see one exceptional cook crowned Australia's Junior MasterChef 2020, taking home a huge $25,000 in prize money.



Season 3

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