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Killing Eve Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Nice Face

When a Russian politician is murdered, MI5 security officer Eve must protect the only witness.


Episode 2 - I'll Deal With Him Later

Eve is given a dream opportunity to join a secret MI6 unit tracking Villanelle and the shady organisation she works for.


Episode 3 - Don't I Know You?

When Villanelle kills a Chinese colonel at a kink clinic in Berlin, Eve and Bill travel out to investigate.


Episode 4 - Sorry Baby

Intelligence from Berlin suggests the existence of a mole, prompting Eve to carry out a surveillance operation. Meanwhile, Villanelle is sent to England to assassinate a member of British Intelligence.


Episode 5 - I Have a Thing About Bathrooms

Having survived a terrifying close call with Villanelle, Eve now has the mole ensconced in a safe house and is buzzing. They have an exciting opportunity to glean information and crack this thing open.


Episode 6 - Take Me to the Hole!

Villanelle is sneaked into a Russian prison to tie up one of her own extremely risky loose ends.


Episode 7 - I Don't Want to Be Free

Carolyn brings unwelcome news about Nadia, and a change of priorities, but Eve is closer than she's ever been to Villanelle and is finally going to meet Anna.


Episode 8 - God, I'm Tired

Villanelle is still on the run, but she has a hostage and she has a plan. Eve, Carolyn and Kenny are still in Russia, but old secrets coming to light have led to tension in the group.


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