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Episode 1 - The Human Torpedo

Lockie Leonard, surf-rat, arrives in Angelus with his family to discover they’re to live in a house that’s slowly sinking into a swamp.


Episode 2 - Stormy Mondays

It’s Lockie’s first day of high school, and things don’t go exactly to plan. After making an enemy of resident bully, Boof, and his gang out on the waves, Lockie is an immediate target for all kinds of special treatment at school.


Episode 3 - Lockie Chickens Out

Mum decides it’s time that Lockie learned about puberty, and hands him her Little Green Book, which makes Lockie begin to wonder how other people around him deal with Sex Education. Meanwhile, Lockie continues to be a target for bullies.


Episode 4 - To Cheat or Not to Cheat

When Lockie accidentally mouths-off in Maths class, Mum is called into Old Squasher’s office. As usual, Mum blames herself. A guilty Lockie vows to make it up to her.


Episode 5 - Cyril

Lockie questions why Sarge insists on being so 'different'. He must do it on purpose…if he doesn’t, then it’s way too scary to think about.


Episode 6 - A Water Feature

Puberty is like one of those garden make-over shows: you get a lawn where there wasn’t one before. And then, just for fun, they throw in a new water feature. Now Phillip isn’t the only one wetting his bed…


Episode 7 - Match of the Day

After five weeks in Angelus, Lockie is still an 'Outsider'… which is weird because Lockie isn’t a rebel - he’d like nothing better than to be 'one of the gang'.


Episode 8 - The Details

Lockie Leonard is officially a teenager. But, hold on, do things feel any different? Try: everything! And that morning, after a near-death wetsuit experience, everything changes again.


Episode 9 - Weird Genes

After his disaster with Vicki, Lockie hibernates in his room for days. His family has had enough – poor Phillip has even broken into a rash. Sarge comes up with a unique, and typically embarrassing solution to the problem.


Episode 10 - Miracles

Suffering from Easter Holiday boredom, Lockie decides it’s time to teach Egg how to swim. However, the boys get more than they bargained for, when they discover the local river is polluted.


Episode 11 - X Marks The Dot

Thanks to Phillip, breaking news about Lockie and Dot is spreading across Angelus like wildfire: Lockie’s kissing Dot at the wind farm at five o’clock. Lockie is mortified… and just a little bit scared.


Episode 12 - Dog Days

Lockie and Egg prepare for their public meeting to help save the river. At first, Lockie’s committed to the cause… until Dot asks him to surf, that is. With his mind switched to Dot, Lockie neglects his responsibilities and lets everyone down.


Episode 13 - It's Not You, It's Me

Lockie has some problems. First, he’s decided to break up with Dot. It’s just figuring out 'how', that’s tricky. Meanwhile, Mum is acting weird. She’s been staring at the TV for days, when it’s not even tuned to a channel.


Episode 14 - Pure Poetry

Just when life is finally uncomplicated, Lockie falls for Vicki Streeton all over again… and it’s driving him to distraction. John East suggests Lockie create a Board Riders Association, to take his mind off girls.


Episode 15 - The Ladder of Love

Lockie and Vicki are back on. And unlike before, Lockie takes the public attention in his stride. However, along with his newfound popularity comes new pressure: everyone is wondering what step Lockie and Vicki are up to on the 'Ladder of Love'.


Episode 16 - Brothers

Now that he’s popular, Lockie’s getting a big head - and a short fuse. When the dancing challenge is announced, and Lockie realises that he’s expected to bust some moves at the upcoming Blue Light Disco, he takes his insecurities out on Phillip.


Episode 17 - Swamp Rat

Lockie is invited to go waterskiing with Vicki and her parents, and assures Vicki he’s a good skier. In reality, he’s never skied before - ever.


Episode 18 - Face the Fear

After a misunderstanding with Vicki, Lockie is thrust into a looming altercation with an older bogan. Mum also faces her fears, when Mrs Eggleston asks her to pose for a sculpture - in the nude.


Episode 19 - Lockie Takes the Cake

Lockie is stressed out. Out of the three hundred and sixty-five days in the year, why did Vicki and Phillip have to be born on the exact same day? Sometimes things just happen that are out of your control. Like Mum’s battle with her new bread-maker.


Episode 20 - The Clock's Tickin'

Lockie and a bunch of kids from school are off to John East’s 'Camp Find Yourself'. It’s supposed to be a fun weekend of canoeing and ping pong, but instead, Lockie is forced to make some tough decisions.


Episode 21 - Zig Zag Hill

Mum is having one of her 'Polka Dot' days. Like Freda the Volvo, sometimes Mum needs a bit of a tune-up. Usually, one day in bed does the job. But it’s been three days already, and Mum’s not getting any better. The Leonard men are starting to worry.


Episode 22 - Angels and Monsters

Mum’s still in hospital and it’s really starting to take its toll on Phillip: his bedwetting has been getting worse. Lockie takes it upon himself to cheer his little brother up, by entering them in the Annual Angelus Fishing Competition.


Episode 23 - Boredom Busters

With not much else going on in Angelus, the poor, motherless Loopy Leonards have become the preferred conversation topic. It seems everyone’s talking about how the Leonards have fallen in a hole, since Mum went into hospital.


Episode 24 - Barry Goes Pop

Nan and Pop arrive to help out the Leonards, but with Nan’s cooking filling the family’s stomach with stinky hot gas and Pop’s dangerous driving, the grandparents are more of a hindrance.


Episode 25 - The Domino Effect

Lockie ponders the notion of the domino effect: how one small event can trigger a series of other smaller events, leading to big, potentially life-changing results.


Episode 26 - Joy…to the World

It’s the last day of school and Vicki drops a bombshell: she won’t be coming back to Angelus High next year. In fact, she’s leaving Angelus altogether to go to boarding school.



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