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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Dragon's Call

Merlin, a young good-looking country boy, arrives at the great bustling colourful city of Camelot.


Episode 2 - Valiant

We open on the evil Knight Valiant buying a magical shield embossed with snakes. The sorcerer from whom he buys it enchants the snakes to come alive, they will kill his opponents in battle but Valiant orders the snakes to kill the sorcerer.


Episode 3 - The Mark of Nimueh

Deep in a subterranean cave a beautiful witch, Nimueh, moulds a clay model into a tiny creature that she brings to life with a drop of water. She places the strange being into an egg and sends it hurtling down the river that flows towards Camelot.


Episode 4 - The Poisoned Chalice

Bayard and the Knights of the Western Isles are welcomed to Camelot for a feast celebrating a union between the two kingdoms. However Nimueh has other plans.


Episode 5 - Lancelot

Merlin narrowly escapes with his life when he is attacked by a mysterious and terrifying creature with the body of an eagle and the head of a lion. At the last moment a young stranger appears and manages to fight the monster away.


Episode 6 - A Remedy to Cure All Ills

A mysterious, scarred man enchants a bunch of flowers which are then delivered anonymously to the Lady Morgana, but as she sleeps, an enchanted beetle creeps from the bouquet and enters her ear…


Episode 7 - The Gates of Avalon

Morgana has a terrible nightmare. It shows Arthur’s death at the hands of a strange but beautiful girl. She does not fully understand what it is about, but the intensity of the dream scares her.


Episode 8 - The Beginning of the End

When a Druid and his young apprentice are caught in Camelot, the terrified pair make a desperate bid for freedom, with guards in hot pursuit. Throughout the chase, Merlin hears the boy’s telepathic cries for help.


Episode 9 - Excalibur

At Arthur’s coming of age ceremony the celebrations are suddenly interrupted when a mysterious Black Knight crashes his horse in through the window. He throws down his gauntlet, challenging the knights of Camelot to single combat.


Episode 10 - The Moment of Truth

Merlin is stunned when his mother, Hunith, turns up in Camelot, bruised, battered and desperate for help. Their village has been attacked by a bandit - Kanan and his men.


Episode 11 - The Labyrinth of Gedref

Out on a hunting trip, Arthur kills a unicorn. Merlin rushes to the animal’s side, obviously upset, as the Knights cheer Arthur for killing this most highly-prized of beasts. As the unicorn dies, Merlin sees a wizened old man.


Episode 12 - To Kill the King

Against his better judgement Gwen’s father, Tom, agrees to help a renegade sorcerer, Tauren, turn lead into gold using a magical stone. Halfway through the act, a voice rings out – they’re both under arrest.


Episode 13 - Le mort d'Arthur

Whilst out on a routine hunting trip, Arthur and his men encounter a huge and terrifying monster. It has the body of a lion and the head of a serpent, with a huge pair of dripping fangs.


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