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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Series 4 Episode 1 The Darkest Hour (Part 1)

Merlin faces his toughest challenge yet when Morgana's blinkered determination threatens not only Arthur's future, but the very balance of the world.


Episode 2 - Series 4 Episode 2 The Darkest Hour (Part 2)

The kingdom is on the brink of collapse, with Morgana poised to strike. As Lancelot races back to Camelot with the dying Merlin, Arthur must continue on his mission to vanquish the Dorocha without them.


Episode 3 - Series 4 Episode 3 The Wicked Day

The mighty citadel is buzzing in anticipation of the prince's birthday celebrations. But Arthur's old adversary, Odin, promises to ensure this is one party Camelot will never forget.


Episode 4 - Series 4 Episode 4 Aithusa

The mysterious Julius Borden arrives in Camelot with news of a magical secret that threatens to change the landscape of the kingdom forever. He has located the final part of the key to the tomb of Ashkanar.


Episode 5 - Series 4 Episode 5 His Father's Son

Arthur faces his first test as King when he incurs the wrath of the formidable Queen Annis. With the lives of thousands hanging in the balance, Arthur must find the strength to be his own man and become the leader Camelot.


Episode 6 - Series 4 Episode 6 A Servant Of Two Masters

Merlin becomes a deadly weapon in Morgana's fight for supremacy when he falls into her hands. By resorting to ancient magic, she manages to turn friend against friend and creates the perfect assassin out of the young sorcerer


Episode 7 - Series 4 Episode 7 The Secret Sharer

Morgana joins forces with enigmatic wizard Alator to uncover a secret that could change the course of destiny. With allies on both sides of the castle walls, can anyone stop her before Merlin's greatest secret is revealed?


Episode 8 - Series 4 Episode 8 Lamia

A mysterious illness draws Merlin to a distant village. But it soon becomes clear that there is more at stake than just his patients' well-being as something sinister turns the air sour.


Episode 9 - Series 4 Episode 9 Lancelot Du Lac

When Sir Lancelot returns from the dead, old feelings reignite as the drama continues. Gwen must fight temptation before she commits an unspeakable act of betrayal; one that would destroy the legacy of Camelot forever.


Episode 10 - Series 4 Episode 10 A Herald Of The New Age

The Camelot Knights stumble across an eerie shrine deep in the forest, betraying a dark history best left undisturbed. But when Elyan ignores Merlin's warning, his actions spark a frightening chain of events.


Episode 11 - Series 4 Episode 11 The Hunter's Heart

Morgana ends up discovering a powerful ally in the Southron warlord Helios. They come up with the perfect plan to bring Camelot to its knees. With Arthur preoccupied, it ends up falling to an absent friend to raise the alarm.


Episode 12 - Series 4 Episode 12 The Sword In The Stone (Part 1)

Morgana is now the head of a vast Southron army and a deadly net is closing around Camelot. After the sorceress strikes, everyone is forced to run for their lives including Arthur.


Episode 13 - Series 4 Episode 13 The Sword In The Stone (Part 2)

Morgana and Helios have successfully captured Camelot, and Merlin and Arthur are outlaws on the run. Trapped in Ealdor with a ruthless army closing in, their situation becomes desperate.


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