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Episode 1 - Season 1, Episode 1

Preparations are under way for the 12 year school reunion.


Episode 2 - Season 1, Episode 2

Bec's disgraced ex Stephen makes an unexpected appearance in town in a last attempt to win her back.


Episode 3 - Season 1, Episode 3

Having made a narrow escape from the blazing Stavva mobile and his pursuers, Addo arives at the school reunion late.


Episode 4 - Season 1, Episode 4

The morning following the reunion, Bec and Jarrod are shocked when they wake up beside each other on the beach.


Episode 5 - Season 1, Episode 5

Wilson begins investigating Philby's murder, calling each member of the group in for questioning.


Episode 6 - Season 1, Episode 6

Shocked to discover the car he was driving was used in Philby's murder, Stavva finds himself as the crime's major suspect.


Episode 7 - Season 1, Episode 7

Wilson questions Bec about the text she sent Philby on the night of the the murder.


Episode 8 - Season 1, Episode 8

The day of Philby's funeral arrives and each of his nearest and dearest perpare themselves to say goodbye.


Episode 9 - Season 1, Episode 9

Stephen drops the bombshell that the twins' mother Angela has left for Paris.


Episode 10 - Season 1, Episode 10

Daniel returns home to find his house ransacked and a terrified Tess hiding.


Episode 11 - Season 1, Episode 11

Stavva makes the headlines and Philby's murder case's number one suspect.


Episode 12 - Season 1, Episode 12

Bec suffers an umcomfortable moment when she introduces her ex-boyfriend Jarrod to her current one and his two children.


Episode 13 - Season 1, Episode 13

Stephen takes Bec to a dazzling waterfront property - his plan is for the four of them to live together as a happy family.


Episode 14 - Season 1, Episode 14

Mr Reynolds pays Addo an unwelcome visit demanding the monet they're attempting to extort from him.


Episode 15 - Season 1, Episode 15

Bec is finally given an appointment to see Dr Welsh at the hospital administration board in a bid to ascertain what went wrong with her application.


Episode 16 - Season 1, Episode 16

A confused Stavva flees in an attempt to save everyone from his mounting woes but he's tricked into returning by well-meaning friends.


Episode 17 - Season 1, Episode 17

Addo's family and friends are shocked by the news of his confession and reel with disbelief over his involvement in Philby's murder.


Episode 18 - Season 1, Episode 18

Bec witnesses Daniel causing a disturbance and assaulting a couple of patrol officers.


Episode 19 - Season 1, Episode 19

Tess's best friend from the UK Noel, turns up unnannounced in Manly for a surprise visit.


Episode 20 - Season 1, Episode 20

Noel confesses his love of Tess to a stranger at the club, oblivious to the fact that the stranger is Ray.


Episode 21 - Season 1, Episode 21

The arrival of another email horrifies Tess and Noal as they realise they are being watched.


Episode 22 - Season 1, Episode 22

Poppy's speed dating night runs badly from the beginning as numbers pull out by the minute.


Episode 23 - Season 1, Episode 23

When Stavva finds out that Justine, the girl he met at speed dating, is working for his father, he sees only the positives in how this could help their relationship.


Episode 24 - Season 1, Episode 24

As Tess admits that she's still in love with Phillip and will not be returning to Engalnd, Noel's last hope of keeping her safe fades.


Episode 25 - Season 1, Episode 25

Bec's trust in Kirsten is once again tested when Bec blames her for giving out prescriptions from her book.


Episode 26 - Season 1, Episode 26

After the embarrassing dinner meeting, Stephen can't help but wonder if everything he said to Tracy in therapy is actually true.


Episode 27 - Season 1, Episode 27

Jarrod becomes a main suspect in the murder of Philby when the police end up back to square one in the investigation.


Episode 28 - Season 1, Episode 28

As Bec gives Jarrod closure on their relationship, it seems that the two couples can finally move on.


Episode 29 - Season 1, Episode 29

Kirsten's latest venture in sabotaging Paul goes as planned somehow convincing Gabby that he assaulted her at tutoring.


Episode 30 - Season 1, Episode 30

Tess informs Noel of the arrival of the container, she's filled with hope about its possible treasure trove of contents.


Episode 31 - Season 1, Episode 31

Needing answers, Paul's continued attempt at talking to Gabby fails.


Episode 32 - Season 1, Episode 32

When Tess discovers that Deborah's dinner guest "Tony" is actually her stalker Ray, she does anything she can to get out of town as soon as possible.


Episode 33 - Season 1, Episode 33

Dramatic scenes at the airport as a bleeding Tracy lies shot, and Tess goes into premature labour.


Episode 34 - Season 1, Episode 34

As Tess and Tracy recover in hospital, Gabby tries to sort out the whole Kirsten-Paul situation.


Episode 35 - Season 1, Episode 35

All hell breaks loose when Kirsten creates a blog about Gabby and Paul's relationship and emails it to all in Gabby's address book.


Episode 36 - Season 1, Episode 36

Tess cowers in the face of Deborah's zealousness and she reluctantly tells Poppy and Ron that she's going ahead with the lawsuit.


Episode 37 - Season 1, Episode 37

Lucia and Kirsten are in serious trouble when they are held in a desolate bush house by Blade.


Episode 38 - Season 1, Episode 38

Ray, the main suspect in the murder of Philby, has been murdered and there are two main suspects - Deborah and Jarrod.


Episode 39 - Season 1, Episode 39

When Wilson organises a search warrant for Gabby's house, Peta goes into panic mode, desparately trying to hide private documents.


Episode 40 - Season 1, Episode 40

Realising that Ron's situation is dire, Deborah offers half a million to turn over the lease on the club.


Episode 41 - Season 1, Episode 41

Lucia's secret relationship with Daniel begins to overwhelm her as suspicions take over her emotions.


Episode 42 - Season 1, Episode 42

As Jarrod and Deborah are both brought in for questioning over the murder of Ray, it becomes clear to Wilson that they both have a similar story.


Episode 43 - Season 1, Episode 43

When Blade arrives on Bec's doorstep promising revenge, she knows exactly wjp yp accuse when her medical bag is stolen.


Episode 44 - Season 1, Episode 44

As Bec realises she's being held captive by Blade in his beach house, Kirsten makes a bolt for the door.


Episode 45 - Season 1, Episode 45

Following an argument with her family, Lucia goes missing.


Episode 46 - Season 1, Episode 46

Jarrod and Tracy's perfect day is shattered when Wilson turns up at the wedding with Philby's will.


Episode 47 - Season 1, Episode 47

As Gabby tries to come to grips with her confirmed pregnancy.


Episode 48 - Season 1, Episode 48

It's Lucia's 18th and she's a no-show at her BBQ.


Episode 49 - Season 1, Episode 49

As Daniel makes a run for it after the car crash, Pia and Brian turn up quickly assuming that he was the driver.


Episode 50 - Season 1, Episode 50

The rift between Poppy and Peta continues to grow when Marcus intentionally causes Poppy to think that he has slept with Peta.


Episode 51 - Season 1, Episode 51

The case against Jarrod builds as Deborah's PI issues her with some photos of the meeting between Tiger and Jarrod.


Episode 52 - Season 1, Episode 52

Tess's baby shower ends in tears as each of the guests arrive with their own agendas and concerns.


Episode 53 - Season 1, Episode 53

While Paul attempts to convince Gabby of his readiness for fatherhood, she decides to continue the pregnancy alone.


Episode 54 - Season 1, Episode 54

The runaway yacht comes to a halt when it crashes into a stretch of secluded shoreline.


Episode 55 - Season 1, Episode 55

Bec is shocked when she's called down to the station and interviewed about the seemingly threatening email she sent Philby.


Episode 56 - Season 1, Episode 56

When Wilson finds an email from Bec, he is certain it has something to do with not only Philby's murder, but Jason's death as well.


Episode 57 - Season 1, Episode 57

When Emily and Josh are kicked out of their apartment, Addo feels he has no choice but to let them stay.


Episode 58 - Season 1, Episode 58

Emily moves into the O'Donnell house with a very ungrateful Josh.


Episode 59 - Season 1, Episode 59

As Gabby decides to follow her heart, her relationship with Paul is rekindled.


Episode 60 - Season 1, Episode 60

Unable to handle the guilt and pressure any longer, Bec finally cracks and exposes the secret she's been keeping for the last nine years.


Episode 61 - Season 1, Episode 61

When Bec is formally charged with the murder of Phillip McManus, Jarrod tries desperately to find Tiger.


Episode 62 - Season 1, Episode 62

Jarrod finds an envelope that links Tracy to to Philby's murder.


Episode 63 - Season 1, Episode 63

As the police helicopters arrives and the news filters to the rest of the community, the friends are left in a state of disbelief.


Episode 64 - Season 1, Episode 64

Bec is forced to treat Tracy when her blood pressure starts to fall.


Episode 65 - Season 1, Episode 65

Bec makes the surprising decision to commit to a life with Stephen and the twins.


Episode 66 - Season 1, Episode 66

Bec is furious at the injustice of being blamed for Tracy's paralysis.


Episode 67 - Season 1, Episode 67

Against her better judgement, Peta agrees to a deal to stay married to Marcus.


Episode 68 - Season 1, Episode 68

Gabby says yes to Paul's impromptu marriage proposal and they are both swept up in the happiness of the moment.


Episode 69 - Season 1, Episode 69

As Gabby and Paul have to deal with the heart ache of terminating thir pregnancy, Tess gives birth to a healthy baby boy.


Episode 70 - Season 1, Episode 70

When Darcy goes missing from the nursery, Tess desperately searches the hospital for him.


Episode 71 - Season 1, Episode 71

All systems are go as the mission to find Tracy escalates into a full scale operation.


Episode 72 - Season 1, Episode 72

Trapped in the cabin, Tracy is terrified as to how she may fit into Sam's plans.


Episode 73 - Season 1, Episode 73

After her near kiss with Jarrod, Bec makes a shock decision and asks Stephen to marry her.


Episode 74 - Season 1, Episode 74

Addo is horrified when he finds out the girl Stavva has been seeing is Amber - the woman that set him up for Reynolds.


Episode 75 - Season 1, Episode 75

As Daniel pleads his innocence, Sam is praised over his arrest as back up arrives at the cabin.


Episode 76 - Season 1, Episode 76

As Brian finalises his confession regarding the accident that killed Sam's parents, Sam begins to plot his revenge.


Episode 77 - Season 1, Episode 77

Angela, Stephen's ex, manages to ruin Bec ad Stephen's engagement dinner.


Episode 78 - Season 1, Episode 78

While the preparations for Pia and Brian's renewal of vows are in full flight, Sam is conceiving ways to complete his vendetta.


Episode 79 - Season 1, Episode 79

When Brian confronts Sam about setting up Daniel, he is shocked to hear Sam confess to a horrible truth.


Episode 80 - Season 1, Episode 80

No amount of reasoning can talk Tracy out of divorcing Jarrod.


Episode 81 - Season 1, Episode 81

As Bec struggles to absorb the fact Angela has terminal cancer, Angela does everything she can to hide her illness from her family.


Episode 82 - Season 1, Episode 82

Shock at being sucked into Reynolds scam, Poppy and Peta have more serious things to worry about.


Episode 83 - Season 1, Episode 83

As Angela continues her facade, she begins to make headway with her daughter.


Episode 84 - Season 1, Episode 84

After a very close call, Bec brings Angela back from the dead and in turn, reveals her terminal condition.


Episode 85 - Season 1, Episode 85

As Bec struggles to deal with her love triangle, Tracy's fitness hearing has finally arrived.


Episode 86 - Season 1, Episode 86

Jason's shock arrival back from the dead confirms Tracy's greatest hopes.


Episode 87 - Season 1, Episode 87

In light of Tracy's release, Bec betrays her own heart and tells Jarrod that she thinks he should try and put his family back together.


Episode 88 - Season 1, Episode 88

As Tracy's ability to walk remains a secret, Angela's presence begins to take its toll on Bec.


Episode 89 - Season 1, Episode 89

When Stavva immediately assumes that Addo has been the instigator in the kiss with Amber, Addo is left feeling second rate.


Episode 90 - Season 1, Episode 90

Lucia threatens to go to the police about Daniel, but is persuaded not to by Deborah.


Episode 91 - Season 1, Episode 91

Tracy is forced to rescue Poppy, who is stunned to realise that Tracy can walk.


Episode 92 - Season 1, Episode 92

Tracy is almost caught walking by Addo and Emily but gets out of it by pretending she fell.


Episode 93 - Season 1, Episode 93

Addo tries to decide between Emily and Amber.


Episode 94 - Season 1, Episode 94

Wilson is furious at Paul for defying his instructions and interfering with an investigation.


Episode 95 - Season 1, Episode 95

Poppy is worried about Tracy's behaviour and encourages her to confess that she can walk.


Episode 96 - Season 1, Episode 96

Tracy has no memory about what's happened with Zoe and Jarrod calls in the police.


Episode 97 - Season 1, Episode 97

Bec and Jarrod both admit they never stopped loving each other.


Episode 98 - Season 1, Episode 98

Gabby discovers Jason had been painting and arranges to have an exhibition of his paintings at the Club.


Episode 99 - Season 1, Episode 99

Jason confronts Daniel accusing him of ruining his paintings, but Daniel denies it.


Episode 100 - Season 1, Episode 100

Lucia is freaking out after having conked Fletch on the head - even more so after they discover Fletch has gotten up and taken off.



Season 1

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