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Episode 1 - Cha-Ch-Changes

Kate Moretti asks Dr. Daniel Pierce to determine the mental competency of a man being retried for murder; Moretti's soon-to-be-ex-husband prosecutes the case.


Episode 2 - Alienation

Pierce and Moretti investigate a case in which a woman reports that aliens have abducted her husband; Pierce's imaginary girlfriend threatens his real-life relationship.


Episode 3 - Blindness

A series of bizarre public murders leads Pierce to realize that the killer is trying to send a message; Donnie doubts Pierce's theory.


Episode 4 - Toxic

An environmental activist asks Pierce to work on a case involving abnormal neurological reactions in a group of young girls; Pierce discovers a dark secret at the root of the girls' ailments; Moretti questions Pierce's motives.


Episode 5 - Caleidoscope

Pierce and Moretti try to solve the murder of a man who spent most of his time playing a game online; Pierce struggles to distinguish between reality and fantasy.


Episode 6 - Defective

Pierce partners with Donnie to investigate the malfunction of a brain device used to control tremors; Lewicki learns a lesson about dating.


Episode 7 - Neuropositive

Moretti calls on Pierce to determine the credibility of a man's death-bed confession; Pierce and Moretti try to uncover the truth about a series of apparent homicides.


Episode 8 - Asylum

Pierce investigates a stabbing at a psychiatric hospital and becomes convinced that the hospital is full of dark secrets.


Episode 9 - Wounded

Donnie tries to help a war hero who suffers from a neurological disorder; Pierce is surprised by an old flame.


Episode 10 - Warrior

Moretti faces criminal charges after taking matters into her own hands on a dangerous case; Pierce and Donnie try to clear Kate's name.


Episode 11 - Curveball

Pierce fights for an autistic teen who is under interrogation for murder; Dean Haley attempts to convince a neuroscience prodigy to attend CLMU.


Episode 12 - Brotherhood

Lewicki's brother shows up unannounced; Kenny is named the key suspect in a homicide case; Lewicki is approached with an offer that makes him question Pierce's loyalty.


Episode 13 - Cobra

Pierce receives a tip that the CIA might be assassinating U.S. citizens; one of Pierce's close friends is murdered; Moretti tries to overcome her trust issues.


Episode 14 - Obsession

Pierce's mental stability is questioned when he is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend; Moretti works to find the real stalker.



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