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Episode 1 - The Circumstances in Which They Come...

Flight Attendant Sofie Werner is lured into joining a cult with the promise of a new life. A young father, Cam, struggling to support his family, decides to take a well paid job at an Immigration Detention Centre. Meanwhile, Afghan man Ameer and his young family desperately try to find a way to get to Australia.


Episode 2 - Incognita

Sofie maintains that she is Eva Hoffman despite some suspicion from fellow detainees and Immigration officials. Cam's camaraderie with the detainees raises eyebrows amongst his fellow guards. Ambitious bureaucrat Clare Kowitz arrives at Barton as the new General Manager and is struck by the extent of the facility's dysfunction. Ameer finally makes it to Australia only to discover tragic news awaits him.


Episode 3 - The Right Thing

Clare's relentless hunt for the leak in Barton pays dividends, while Cam wrestles with his conscience over the beaten detainee. Sofie uncovers an ambitious escape plan, and Mina tries to support her grief-stricken father in an unforgiving system.


Episode 4 - Run Sofie Run

A peaceful protest turns chaotic as Sofie and a group of detainees break out of Barton, and Clare struggles to contain the fallout. Cam is put in a difficult position after discovering Janice is harbouring the escapees, while Ameer tries to ensure that the secret of how he made it to Australia remains buried.


Episode 5 - Panis Angelicus

Tensions run high as Clare struggles to keep control of Barton. Sofie's mental health deteriorates as the memory of what Gordon did to her is resurrected. Ameer's lies come undone, putting his visa chances in severe jeopardy, while the pressures at Barton cause Cam's home life to unravel.


Episode 6 - The Seventh Circle

Margot makes an important discovery that leads to the discovery that Sofie is imprisoned at Barton. Clare cuts a last ditch deal with Ameer that will change the course of both his and Mina's futures, while Cam is faced with the moral repercussions of his past decisions.



Season 1

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