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Episode 1 - Three Daughters, Three Problems

Football legend Terry Bradshaw is the ultimate girl dad to his three daughters, but like many parents he struggles when to step in to fix their problems. Terry's eldest daughter Rachel's new real estate career needs help, Lacey's husband doesn't want to move to Texas and Erin has been keeping a secret from him about a recent change to her appearance.


Episode 2 - Terry Is in a Jam

The Bradshaw clan travels to Dallas as Terry is hosting (and driving in) the big Monster Jam truck rally. When Terry suffers from a panic attack, an old sibling rivalry is forced to come to a head.


Episode 3 - Mr. Wrong

Rachel is with the wrong guy and everyone in the family can see it but her. While Terry and Zurie get payback on Tammy after years of her pranks, Lacey and Noah consider moving back to Texas to be closer to family.


Episode 4 - A Few Good Men

Terry is invited to Washington D.C. to sing with Rob Gronkowski at the USO. While he brings his family along to meet the troops, Rachel gets her mojo back and falls for a marine.


Episode 5 - Quarantine Crazy

As the Coronavirus pandemic grips the nation, Terry invites the family to hunker down with him at the ranch, driving everyone crazy. The family tries to help Rachel embrace being single on her social media.


Episode 6 - Man Problems

Terry and the girls get involved in Rachel's love life, resulting in a competition to find her Mr. Right. The family tries to talk Terry out of agreeing to be a potential spokesperson for a certain product.


Episode 7 - Fit for the Fast Lane

Terry prepares to announce at a NASCAR race, which will be his first public appearance since the pandemic started. Wanting to look his best, he tries getting back into shape while trying to convince Rachel to sing at the speedway.


Episode 8 - Oui Oui Terr-y

Tammy grows suspicious of Terry's romantic anniversary surprise trip to Paris. Meanwhile, Zurie joins in on the Bradshaw family tradition and finds her passion for showing horses.


Episode 9 - Top Chef

Terry and Tammy attempt one last time to try and convince Lacey and Noah to move to Texas by offering to buy them a restaurant.


Episode 10 - Three Daughters, Three Solutions

The Bradshaw's celebrate Terry's 72nd birthday with special gifts only his family could give; another awkward talk with Erin, a song from Rachel, and a decision from Lacey's family about moving to Texas. Tammy's (prank) birthday gift almost goes too far.



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