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The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Sand Dunes and Don'ts

Caroline Stanbury celebrates her engagement on a yacht and sandstorms begin to gather.


Episode 2 - The G.O.A.T

A blossoming friendship forms between Nina and Caroline Stanbury.


Episode 3 - Lemons Into Lemonade

It's Fashion Week in Dubai and the designers aren't the only ones putting on a show.


Episode 4 - Desert Détente

Sergio and Caroline Stanbury come to an impasse regarding having children together.


Episode 5 - Piping Tea With a Hint of Peach

Caroline Stanbury and Ayan begin to heal their rift; Caroline Brooks welcomes Phaedra Parks.


Episode 6 - Dinner on the Rocks

Caroline Stanbury clears up some issues with Lesa; Caroline Brooks throws a pool party.


Episode 7 - Meet The Carrallos

Nina worries as her father’s condition worsens back home.


Episode 8 - Drama In The Sandbox

Sara and Caroline Brooks turn the desert party upside down when tempers flare over unsolicited advice.


Episode 9 - Dancehall It Out

While newlyweds Sergio and Caroline Stanbury are in post-wedding bliss, Caroline Brooks is feeling dismissed and judged by Sara.


Episode 10 - Girls Trippin'

A newly married Caroline leaves husband Sergio behind to whisk the women away on a girls trip to Nurai Island.


Episode 11 - Salty Waters

The weekend at Nurai Island comes to an end, but not before Ayan and Caroline Stanbury’s relationship is tested.


Episode 12 - Du-Bye Girl

Lesa and Ayan say goodbye to a loved one; Sara arranges a once-in-a-lifetime trip for the ladies.


Episode 13 - Reunion Part 1

The ladies of Dubai bring the desert heat to New York City to face one another after a tumultuous season.


Episode 14 - Reunion Part 2

Caroline Stanbury and Lesa dig their heels in the sand and hash out their issues.



Season 1

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