The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - 1. A Tale of Two Miamis

It's a brand new day in Miami and the Queen Bees of Miami's high society are back.


Episode 2 - 2. Test, Lies and Your Smile is Fake

Adriana, Joanna and Karent are questioning their relationships, which leads to an awkward confrontation.


Episode 3 - 3. A Mynt Meltdown

The once seemingly perfect coupling of Joanna and Romain continues to see more downs than ups as the two find more ways to disconnect.


Episode 4 - 4. She Beat Me to the Tweet!

Romain threatens to walk away after Joanna's Mynt meltdown, while Adriana bares all in the name of art.


Episode 5 - 5. Eager Beaver

The Miami charity season is in full swing and all of the ladies attend the Hearts & Stars Gala for fun, drinks and, of course, an evening of drama.


Episode 6 - 6. Sexting Candles

Miami's elite are ready to celebrate Alexia's Magazine Venue Party, but Adriana is not in party mode.


Episode 7 - 7. Bras and Brawls- Part 1

Karent can't seem to get on anyone's good side and the mood just gets uglier when Adriana discovers Karent was making remarks about the other ladies.


Episode 8 - 8. Bras and Brawls- Part 2

Lisa's lingerie party continues with a shocking confession from Marta that sends Joanna on a rampage.


Episode 9 - 9. Conflicting Conflict

The time has finally come for the Black's Annual Gala, but tensions are running high between the ladies after Joanna and Adriana's altercation.


Episode 10 - 10. A Better or Bitter Place?

The Housewives are more divided than ever. And it's unclear who's really to blame.


Episode 11 - 11. Uncomfortably Public Relations

While Elsa visits Lea to put an end to her feud with Marysol, Marta moves back in with Joanna and Romain to a surprisingly amicable atmosphere.


Episode 12 - 12. Parents Fly South

When Lisa’s overbearing in-laws show up and demand a grandchild, Lisa goes to extreme measures to conceive.


Episode 13 - 13. Elsa Foretells a Storm

The ladies of Miami are packing up for a quick weekend getaway to the Bahamas.


Episode 14 - 14. Surrounded by Hot Water

After the infamous Rodolfo article, Alexia is determined to plea her case to Karent.


Episode 15 - 15. Healing Hole

"The Real Housewives of Miami" follows six of the most connected and influential women of Miami as they live their lives to the fullest.


Episode 16 - 16. Reunion Part 1

Hosted by Andy Cohen, part one brings Lea, Marysol, Adriana, Ana, Joanna, Karent and Lisa to rehash this season's drama.


Episode 17 - 17. Reunion Part 2

Hosted by Andy Cohen, part two reunites Lea, Marysol, Adriana, Ana, Joanna, Karent and Lisa to discuss catfights and confrontations on this season.


Episode 18 - 18. Lost Footage

Host Andy Cohen opens up the vault to show never before seen footage.



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