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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - 1. Welcome To Camelot

Police officers and paramedics rush between emergencies as each unit breaks in a new recruit.


Episode 2 - 2. Anywhere But here

Jerry survives surgery but remains comatose. Doherty gives ex-wife Kim a bulletproof vest. Doc and Carlos must rescue a man after an explosion. Bosco captures Jerry's attacker without firing a shot.


Episode 3 - 3. Patterns

After Bosco has sex in his squad car with the boss' daughter, his boss gets a videotape of it. Bobby and Kim argue heatedly. Doc brings Carlos along on a personal mission.


Episode 4 - 4. Hell Is What You Make Of It

Rookies Carlos and Davis experience disillusionment with their new jobs and their training officers. Bosco struggles with homophobia.


Episode 5 - 5. Responsible Parties

Mercy Hospital's new doctor reprimands Yokas, Bobby and Kim. Yokas acts like a vigilante to punish a gang leader. Jerry decides not to return to work.


Episode 6 - 6. Sunny, Like Sunshine

Bobby visits his older brother in prison and tries to express his feelings to Kim. Davis and Sully's working relationship improves, but Doc and Carlos get into a fistfight.


Episode 7 - 7. Impulse

Bosco brutalizes a murder suspect. Sully goes to a movie with Davis' mother. Carlos attempts to revive a premature fetus whose mother he accidentally injured.


Episode 8 - 8. History Of The World

On Thanksgiving Day, Bosco tries to resolve a family conflict in a restaurant, while Yokas attempts the same at home.


Episode 9 - 9. Modern Designs For Better Living

Davis inadvertently endangers a youth he's trying to help. Doc learns that his father's drug overdose was not accidental.


Episode 10 - 10. Demolition Derby

An explosion traps members of a demolition team in a collapsing building and the third watch must respond. Fred Yokas' drinking escalates. Doc cancels his date with Brenda.


Episode 11 - 11. Alone In The Crowd

An illegally parked car delays the firefighters, causing a woman's death. Western medicine kills Doc and Carlos' Chinese patient.


Episode 12 - 12. Journey To The Himalayas

Davis learns of his father's corruption. Matty gets into trouble while trying to apologize to a former girlfriend. Bobby finds his brother covered in someone else's blood.


Episode 13 - 13. This Band Of Brothers

Candyman risks his life for Davis. Matty hides from the police. Bobby and Kim get closer. Carlos is upset about Doc's relationship with Morales.


Episode 14 - 14. 32 Bullets And A Broken Heart

A gunman targets gay men. Faith arrests her husband for driving while drunk. Another attempt by Davis to help Malcolm impresses attorney Ada Gail Moore.


Episode 15 - 15. Officer Involved

Davis shoots an innocent man. Tensions escalate between partners Bosco and Yokas. Kim wonders about Bobby and Treva's relationship. Doherty reveals he's dating a cop. Carlos questions Vangie's sanity.


Episode 16 - 16. Nature Or Nurture

Doc and Carlos' good deed gets a young boy killed. An off-duty Bosco robs would-be robbers. Doherty faces serious consequences for his gambling losses and endangers his son.


Episode 17 - 17. Ohio

Stuck in a hotel kitchen and garage for long hours as they baby-sit a senatorial debate, the cops debate politics, and the paramedics recall the worst thing they have ever seen on the job.


Episode 18 - 18. Men

Candyman returns to work and his old habits. Doc goes to extremes to save his dying father. Doherty promises an injured factory worker that his legs will not be amputated.


Episode 19 - 19. Spring Forward, Fall Back

Police mount a massive search when a toddler disappears from the scene of a traffic accident. Violence follows Sully's encounter with his former priest.


Episode 20 - 20. A Thousand Points Of Light

Two abused boys lie about a motel fire in which their mother dies. Davis helps Malcolm again. Carlos suggests that Vangie not have the baby. Doc and Morales find a home.


Episode 21 - 21. Just Another Night At The Opera

Bobby saves a carjacker trapped inside a burning auto. Vangie complains to Carlos' superiors. Davis inadvertently foils an investigation of Candyman for corruption.


Episode 22 - 22. Young Men And Fire ...

Doherty has a chilling encounter with an ex-fireman. Yokas is pregnant. Morales and Doc get settled in their apartment. Davis celebrates his one-year anniversary on the police force.


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