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Episode 1 - 1. Tales Of The Red Thread

When widower Martin discovers that his emotionally impaired 11-year-old son can predict the future, he meets with a social worker and a professor who may be able to help.


Episode 2 - 2. 1+1=3

A widower and his son try to understand how a robbery at a pawn shop triggers a sequence of events that impacts people all over the world.


Episode 3 - 3. Safety In Numbers

Martin meets a homeless man who shares Jake's obsession with numbers; Teller (Danny Glover) visits Jake's board-and-care facility.


Episode 4 - 4. Kite Strings

Martin comes across a man who has a history with his late wife; a couple that has an instrument-repair business works with an Iraqi band; the band's teenage fan wants to share his comedic talent.


Episode 5 - 5. Entanglement

Martin becomes involved in a young woman's quest for vengeance; Teller tries to repair his relationship with his estranged daughter.


Episode 6 - 6. Lost And Found

Clea and Martin uncover a shocking development; Teller gets into trouble when he visits Jake; a plane crash survivor tries to find a purpose in life.


Episode 7 - 7. Noosphere Rising

Martin searches for Teller's workshop and ends up helping another professor win at poker; a man creates a viral video to track someone down.


Episode 8 - 8. Zone Of Exclusion

Following Jake's numbers, Martin helps a Frenchwoman find her biological mother and twin sister; when an astronaut loses contact with Earth, his superstitious wife frets.


Episode 9 - 9. Music Of The Spheres

Martin exposes a corrupt parole officer; a Brazilian street musician wins a beautiful woman's heart with his guitar; Jake bonds with another mute.


Episode 10 - 10. Tesselations

Martin involves himself with a heist crew in an effort to win back a dock worker's job; an Israeli boy and a Palestinian boy fight for their relationship; Clea finds documents about Jake.


Episode 11 - 11. Gyre, Pt. 1

Martin and Abigail (Catherine Dent) join forces as Aster Corp.'s interest in Jake increases; connections are revealed between events that seem unrelated.


Episode 12 - 12. Gyre, Pt. 2

Martin and Abigail (Catherine Dent) join forces as the Aster Corporation's interest in Jake increases; connections are revealed between events that seem to be unrelated.


Episode 13 - 13. The Road Not Taken

When Martin finds himself in the town where he began his reporting career, he starts to suspect his mentor is involved in something illegal.



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