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Episode 1 - Chi-Town and Wedding Gowns

Duff and Geof build a replica of Wrigley field for a man's 80th birthday and Duff drives 11 hours to deliver the cake in person. Then Richard creates the ultimate groom's cake -- a 10-point buck for an avid hunter.


Episode 2 - The Boss is Gone

Duff is out of town and all hell breaks loose for Mary Alice as she tries to answer crazy phone calls, crazier emails and even tries her hand at repairing a cake.


Episode 3 - Great Scot

Duff dons a kilt and delivers a cow cake to a Scottish wedding. Then a magnolia-themed cake poses major problems for the Charm City staff and a nervous customer orders a cake to propose to his girlfriend.


Episode 4 - Four Weddings and a Rat

One of Duff's decorators is getting hitched and she's ordered a wedding cake with two owls perched on a branch. Then a wedding with a traditional/nontraditional theme wants a flowery cake and one with an unusual Baltimore icon.


Episode 5 - Monkey Business

Parents order a King Kong cake for their son's bar mitzvah. The team creates a replica of a giant oil tanker and a woman surprises her DJ groom-to-be with a cake that looks like his beloved Technics turntable.


Episode 6 - Tributes and Tribulations

The Baltimore Fire Department is hosting its annual flag football charity event, and this year they have a special participant -- the FDNY is sending a team for the first time since 9/11.


Episode 7 - Flying High

Charm City Cakes creates a surprise cake in the shape of an airplane. Plus the team creates a groom's cake replica of an Olympic ski slope and Duff dances the Dance of the Seven Veils.


Episode 8 - Milestones and Monuments

Geof and Duff will create a replica of Baltimore's Washington Monument for Duff to present at the annual Baltimore Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony with the mayor.


Episode 9 - Cake-Tastrophe

Charm City Cakes is busting out 40 cakes in one stressful week. Duff makes a special holiday cake for Starbucks at Union Station in Washington, DC, and has to add the finishing touches in front of an audience.


Episode 10 - Shell Shocked

Charm City gets an order for a tricky standing turtle mascot cake, a giant replica of the Taj Mahal and a cake to commemorate the 90th birthday of deli owner that looks like the deli's best selling dish.


Episode 11 - Games and Gumballs

Charm City makes a cake in the shape of a Scrabble Board, a gumball machine cake for a Bat Mitzvah and a giant cake in the shape of a slot machine for a 60th birthday party.


Episode 12 - Go Go Granny!

Duff and team make a cake in the shape of a classic blue convertible with Granny driving, her scarf blowing in the wind. Then they make a CT scanner for a group of surgeons and a jeep cake with mud, dings and dents.


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