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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Birthday Present

Tripp and Letitia throw Nick an elaborate birthday party on a yacht; Jeremy tells Nola Lyons his feelings about Lisa.


Episode 2 - The Family Lawyer

A member of the Darling family is arrested for the murder of Dutch George; Nick must decide whether to represent the Darlings against an ambitious DA he went to law school with.


Episode 3 - The Star Witness

Nick gets riled up when he finds out his mother is on the prosecution's witness list and Letitia has been keeping secrets from him; Patrick decides to come clean about Ellen's death but Tripp dissuades him with the help of Carmelita; Brian plots to go to Brazil to kidnap his son.


Episode 4 - The Silence

Tripp orders Nick to take care of Ellen's brother, Chase, who's blaming Patrick and the Darlings of causing his sister's death; Patrick wants to take his relationship with Carmelita public which causes Tripp to take action; Jeremy helps Lisa open her gallery while Nick learns Jeremy and Nola's secret.


Episode 5 - The Verdict

Nick reveals personal information about Nola and gets the murder case against Letitia dropped; Karen tries in vain to get the support of her family for her upcoming marriage; Brian learns something about Andrea's health that she has been keeping a secret.


Episode 6 - The Injured Party

Letitia hits a young woman with her car and invites her to stay at the Darling household where she charms a few people while making others suspicious; a showdown between Lisa and Karen forces Nick and Lisa to come to a decision about their relationship; Nola finds herself fully immersed in the Darling clan while handling the aftermath of her relationship with Jeremy.


Episode 7 - The Summer House

Tripp and Simon come to an agreement regarding both Karen and Darling Enterprises; Wrenn continues to drive a wedge between Tripp and Nick; Nola threatens to quit when Patrick hires Jeremy to work for him; Brian comes to a decision about his relationship with Andrea.


Episode 8 - The Plan

Still distraught over his sister's death and a possible Darling cover-up, Chase reemerges and takes aim at Nick; Patrick makes a bold decision on the day of his inauguration regarding Carmelita that does not sit well with Tripp; Jeremy discovers the secret "bond" that Nola and Simon have; Brian makes promises to God as Andrea suddenly appears to make a miraculous turnaround.


Episode 9 - The Organ Donor

The Darlings deal with the aftermath of the shooting spree at Patrick's inauguration; Nick attempts to execute Chase's living will, while his wife fights to keep him on life support; Simon orders Nola to take care of the Chase problem herself; Brian finds himself back at church while dealing with his relationship with Andrea.


Episode 10 - The Facts

With the Darlings celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday away from their New York mansion, Clark the chauffer appeases a relentless reporter by setting the record straight on several family rumors.


Episode 11 - The Convertible

Nick, Karen and Brian end up on the family plane together and take a road trip which changes their relationships forever; Tripp wants Patrick to ask Congressman Whatley to change his standing on Simon's bio-fuel that Tripp helped sway may years earlier.


Episode 12 - The Unexpected Arrival

Karen reveals to Nick she is pregnant with Simon's baby; Simon and Tripp plan to go public on their partnership and bio-fuel patent; the wife of gay Congressman Whatley makes a move on Patrick.


Episode 13 - The Bad Guy

Simon provides Nick with several revelations while he recuperates from his stab wounds; Nick's ex-wife is writing a tell-all book on the Darlings; Nola leaves Jeremy to rescue her kidnapped brother from China; Patrick wants his romance with Congressman Whatley's wife to go to the next level.



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