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Episode 1 - Something Different

Determined to reverse her family's fate, Mrs. Mahabir enlists Garmen and Aked to kidnap celebrity chef Jeff McCusker's grandson, Jared. Meanwhile, Inspector Melody Harmony defies orders and covertly works on the Guyana case, leading her to one of Mahabir's recruits, Xavier. Later, Jared's parents must take action.


Episode 2 - Charger

With a life on the line, the McCuskers scramble to meet Aked's strangely specific demands, landing Derek in Washington Square Park. Amid personal and professional strife, Inspector Harmony stakes out the park as interweaving events come to a head.


Episode 3 - Jared's Body

As Louis and Xavier struggle with their involvement in the botched kidnapping, Natalia takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Sam visits her estranged uncle Gene after seeking advice from Manny Broward, Inspector Harmony discovers Derek's lie, and Aked notices a major oversight.


Episode 4 - Safe in the Circle

While being used as a bargaining chip between Garmen and the Mahabir's adversary Edward Chung, Natalia and Louis escape with Nicky. Then, Derek is forced to reveal a shocking decades-long secret, Inspector Harmony strikes a deal with Xavier for his cooperation, and Manny offers up a warning for Sam.


Episode 5 - Loyalty

After deducing the cause of her suspension, Inspector Harmony coaxes Sam to confess what she's kept hidden for decades. As Aked finally confronts Natalia and Louis, Mrs. Mahabir seeks reassurance from Mr. Willoughby - then doubles down on her plan. Gene and Jeff meet for the first time in decades.


Episode 6 - Essequibo

As Mrs. Mahabir's plan reaches a turning point, Manny sends in a mole and Garmen and Xavier arrange their own return to Guyana. Meanwhile, Natalia and Louis's desperation lands them in Sam's apartment, and Inspector Harmony finally pieces together the Browne/McCusker connection to Guyana.



Season 1

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