Garage Squad

Garage Squad Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Camaro Frankenstein

A 1989 Camaro turns out to be anything but what it seems.


Episode 3 - Phoenix Firebird

A classic Firebird rises from the ashes for the first time in 15 years.


Episode 4 - Military Restoration

A Vietnam-era Jeep gets pressed back into service.


Episode 5 - Mustang Rally

A father dedicates a Mustang rebuild to his daughter.


Episode 6 - Rocking the Suburb

Rough-and-tumble car gets a second act.


Episode 7 - Running Down a Dream

The team is called in to rescue a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner; the owner has been busy helping others.


Episode 8 - Mercury Rising

A '65 Comet that has been stripped of its motor soars back to life.


Episode 9 - Tragedy to Triumph

After 30 years in storage, a Triumph Spitfire sputters back on the road.


Episode 10 - Daytona Delight

A '69 Daytona gets its mojo back.


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