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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - LeBron James

In the 2012 NBA Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron learned to silence the noise—and became the King.


Episode 2 - Tom Brady

In 20 years of pro football, the GOAT has only played one “perfect” game—and it’s not what you’re thinking.


Episode 3 - Alex Morgan

Morgan soared from bench player to starter on the U.S. Women’s National Team following a dominating performance.


Episode 4 - Usain Bolt

The fastest man alive tells the story of the race that made him realize he was born to run.


Episode 5 - Shaun White

White was already a superstar when a rocky performance at a 2018 Olympics qualifier left him rattled—and then propelled him to new heights.


Episode 6 - Katie Ledecky

An underdog teenager who just wanted to make the team, Ledecky achieved one of the most dominant Olympic performances in history.


Episode 7 - Kelly Slater

His fifth world surfing championship was a spiritual odyssey that transformed Slater into a legend.



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