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Episode 1 - This is What You Came for

Zoey returns to Cal U to support Junior's first day on campus but soon realizes that she may be missing her Cal U days more than she let on. After meeting his new classmates, Junior seeks to escape dorm life by attending Doug's White Party.


Episode 2 - High Society

Friction mounts between Junior and Annika when one of them is tapped for a secret society. Red flags start to arise when Aaron discovers the university is overusing his image to promote how "diverse and inclusive" they are.


Episode 3 - No New Friends

Junior and his roommate, Zaara, butt heads, causing them to one-up each other in an attempt to prove who is the most chill. Meanwhile, Annika surprises Aaron by turning in a TikTok instead of a paper.


Episode 4 - Look What U Started

Eager to impress Gamma Psi Delta while pledging, Junior faces a moral dilemma when he books a controversial comedian to perform at a fundraiser. Aaron struggles to fit in with his colleagues, and receives advice from Zoey about how to cope.


Episode 5 - You Don't Know Me

The girls enlist Junior's help to find their shady roommate, Lauryn, who has a habit of mysteriously disappearing. Junior wonders if Annika is starting to catch feelings for him, while Aaron suspects that Doug isn't being honest with him.


Episode 6 - Frat Rules

While pledging for Gamma Psi Delta, Junior and Zeke find their brotherhood put to the test when a night of challenges and a quest to prove their loyalty goes awry.


Episode 7 - Love On the Brain

Doug throws a party at Bar None and invites the crew. Junior considers opening up to Annika. Kiela finds herself on RA duty, while Zaara plays the field. Aaron tries to be a good wingman, putting his long-distance relationship to the test.


Episode 8 - Certified Lover Boy

Junior finds himself the center of attention when he's awarded five-stars on Cal U's infamous "D List," prompting timely conversations about objectification and hookup culture among the crew.


Episode 9 - It's a Vibe

Junior's fate as a Gamma is determined, as is his relationship status with Annika. Doug throws another big party, and some old friends drop in to help him celebrate.


Episode 10 - Fool's Paradise

Zoey and Aaron have an unexpected run-in at the San Francisco airport, leading them to unpack the highs and lows of their long-distance relationship.


Episode 11 - Money Trees

Junior realizes that he's not earning enough money, so he focuses all his efforts on a new stock market side-hustle. Aaron's students accuse him of being a sellout. Lauryn stops singing to focus on a "real job."


Episode 12 - Big Drip

Junior is terrified when he has a herpes scare. Annika tries to get in the mood again. Aaron meets Symone, an impressive activist- gone - corporate, who teaches him to use corporate resources for community good.


Episode 13 - Addiction

Junior convinces the crew to do a digital detox, but it proves harder than they expected. Annika is determined to win in hopes of defying allegations that she's basic. Aaron is nervous that he and Symone are getting too friendly.


Episode 14 - Happy Not Knowing

Zaara and the rest of Junior's friends can't stand his new girlfriend, Grace, but he is determined to change that. Could bringing her to crash Zaara's birthday dinner do the trick?


Episode 15 - The a Team

After midterms, the crew looks for new ways to alleviate their stress and decides to give mushrooms a try. Aaron gets roped into a faculty karaoke night and surprisingly learns some things about himself.


Episode 16 - Mr. Morale

Junior struggles with balancing all of his priorities, and is looking for a shortcut, but is he the cheating type? Zoey comes to Cal U to spend time with Aaron, but can they prioritize their relationship when real life gets in the way?


Episode 17 - Cleaning Out My Closet

The pressures of being just a legacy at "Zoey University" get the better of Junior - can he ever get out of her shadow? Doug spends all his savings on making a concert a success, causing Aaron to question why he's been footing Doug's bills.


Episode 18 - Cash In Cash Out

In honor of the Gammas' annual "Last Chance Dance," Junior debates telling Annika how he feels about her, even though he's friends with her boyfriend. Zoey has a setback at Anti-Muse, sending her into a panic about her future.


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