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Episode 1 - Amazing Alie / Robbie & Rhonda Runner

Alie prepares to go mountain climbing. Two siblings race to see who’s fastest.


Episode 2 - Dancer Dave / Astronaut Amrita

Dave wants to put on a dance show. Amrita needs help delivering a birthday present.


Episode 3 - Singing Starlett / Heart's Family Photo

Starlett is seeking a good night’s sleep. Heart snaps a family photo.


Episode 4 - Rita Reader / Cody Gets a Cold

Rita looks for a missing book. Cody needs help recovering from a cold.


Episode 5 - Musical Mabels / Barbara Birdwatcher

A band makes new instruments for a show. Barbara looks for a rare bird.


Episode 6 - Wayne of Wonder / Paleontologist Paloma

Wayne wants to become a magician. Paloma tries to assemble a dinosaur fossil.


Episode 7 - Scatter / Sid Square

Scatter is always late and needs help making it to a show on time. Sid wants to throw a circle-themed party for his friend Cindy Circle.


Episode 8 - Frank the Flyer / Neighbor Nora

Frank can fly anything in the world except one thing: a kite. Nora needs directions to her new apartment—right next door.


Episode 9 - Isaac Ice / Air Conditioning Repairman Aaron

Isaac wants to see a comet but doesn't know where to start. On a hot day, Aaron tells the Helpsters their air conditioner is about to break.


Episode 10 - Chef Charlie / Fashion Fil

Charlie wants to compete in a salad competition but can’t find fresh ingredients. The Helpsters attend Fil’s Earth Day party.


Episode 11 - Basketball Brianna / Heart’s Fish

Brianna has a game but a truck flattened her basketball bag. Heart would like to get a pet fish.


Episode 12 - Helpsters Hundredth Help

Fran and Pat both want to make a surprise gift for a new friend.


Episode 13 - Primmflandia Day / Marching Band Marsha

Mr. Primm is missing his favorite holiday celebration at home. Marsha needs help when her marching band can’t play at the big game.



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