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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Border

Jon's producer is denied reentry to the US after Jon pulls a harsh prank, and Jon’s story about drug lord Manta Blanca comes to an unexpected conclusion.


Episode 2 - Little Italy

While Jon and his crew report on the historic feud between Little Italy and Little Little Italy, Jon falls hard for one of the littlest Little Little Italians and has a tiny, torrid affair.


Episode 3 - Star Door

Jon, Leo and Nathan have to stand alien trial in outerspace after the the van gets into an intergalactic wreck through a "star door" into another dimension.


Episode 4 - Breakdown

After Jon's van breaks down in the desert, Nathan, the sound guy, is kidnapped by a shady trucker who demands a ransom of $10,000. Jon, Leo and Dave have to do whatever it takes to get their sound guy back.


Episode 5 - Road Rage

Jon gets into a violent fight with another motorist, leading to a disturbing personal transformation. He also interviews the founder of an unusual triathlon and features another “Shame on Me” report from Edward Sheath.


Episode 6 - Suicide

While reporting on the nation’s suicide capitol, Jon finds a familiar face at the bottom of the bridge. Everyone is a suspect, as the Chief of Police (Larry Murphy) attempts to determine if it was suicide... or murder.


Episode 7 - Van Scheme

Jon concocts a scheme to get out of work, but his lies spiral out of control, ultimately capturing the nation's headlines. He also introduces his new service ‘Jon Benjamin’s 911’, and makes an appearance on ‘Celebrity Parkour’ with Andy Richter.


Episode 8 - The Curse

Jon goes undercover to steal something from a store specializing in selling surveillance equipment. While reporting on another story, Jon runs over an old gypsy woman whose vengeful husband puts a curse on Jon.


Episode 9 - House On the Lake

Jon talks to a Broadway producer (Patton Oswalt) about his newest success, but finds that the JBHV van has been towed out of Times Square. He also hits the streets of New York City with a friend (David Cross) on a mission to dispel stereotypes.


Episode 10 - Smoking

In the shocking season finale, Jon interviews members of a Christian sect (including Kirk Hammett) whose defining belief is that Jesus Christ smoked a pipe. Additionally, Jon interviews a cult leader (Bob Odenkirk) who has predicted Armageddon 14 times.



Season 1

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